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Winners for iSlippTuff’s

Here are the winners for the iSlippTuff’s. Be sure to send me a youtube message or a DM with your full address(Name, street, city & state, with your zip code). Make sure I have your information by Sunday October 14 at 3pm EST! After 3pm I will have a twitter giveaway!

@haveambition (blue/orange)

@ohmy2855 (red/orange)

@brandy_84 (cheetah)

@ms_csi2u (red/blue)

@mrsbonnee (cheetah)

@nikhildhanjee (black/orange)

@vincygyal09 (black with the jeweled hearts)

@GooberSnattch (black/gray)

@/AMeezyKidrauhl (camo army print)

@caviebtt (cheetah)

@loveking9292 (red/white)

@BlowMe_Hoeee (blue/gray)

@Ladylewis910 (green/orange)

@MyRIyah (blue/yellow)

@beautyfreaknful (camo print gray)

@greatbrittany (cheetah)

@PattyInNYC (camp print blue)

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