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Usher “Looking For Myself” Album Review

I didn’t have a chance to review this album on video so this is the next best thing 🙂   Usher’s “Looking For Myself” came out last week, and I posted my thoughts on twitter, it was just EHHH to me. Here is the breakdown of the album, and I am not editing my notes it is like you can hear me talking lol  


Can’t Stop Wont Stop-the lyrics were funny to me, he was sing talking, this song sounds like the songs he has been pushing out lately, I really thought this would be talking about something else.

Scream– this one is just okay for me, I first heard this on the BillBoard awards…I like the chorus I can sing along to it after a while it will grow on you.

Climax-my ultimate favorite I hated this song at first but now it is everything to me, I find myself humming it at least one a day especially the chorus!

I Care For You– love the vibe of this song, LOVE THIS ONE!! Especially when he is singing I care for you, into the chorus great arrangement.

Show Me– I can dance to this in my car, I like this one as well. Very cute song and fun finally on this album everything was depressing so far.

Lemme See feat Rick Ross– Usher please don’t try to sing rap on the chorus I don’t like it boo boo the song is cute to me I would rather hear him sing, I can see a video for this of course the BOSS was on this song.

Twisted feat Pharrell– I knew I knew this sound from somewhere haven’t heard from him in a while. I liked Usher’s delivery on this one, very cute song old sound, especially the chorus.

Dive– I love the lyrics, but the song is boring itself, great lullaby song.

What Happened to You– Ummm this was different the lyrics were weird but I love the song itself if that makes since. Reminds me of something Craig David would do, or old Usher 2001 one of my favorites.

 Looking for Myself feat Luke Steele– This song was just okay for me, nothing that I would expect from Usher just ehh.

 Numb– Typical dance get hype song for todays time period, it reminds me of the more song he did.

 Lessons for the Lover-I was waiting for Usher to do something like this on his new album, bring me back some old confessions days. Nothing will touch that album AT ALL the vibe was cute, but that was it.

Sins of My Father-The song itself sounded different, and I loved the way Usher sounded. Great song!

Euphoria– This one sounded exactly like the name, too many pauses though it was definitely a filler song if you ask me.

IFU– Hmmm this song definitely correlates with the title, just listen to it LOL a feature should have been on this one I actually like it.

Say the Words– This sounds like it was recorded back in the 90’s it was oddly placed I couldn’t get into it at all.

2nd Round– Same with this song, sounded like this needed to be on somebody elses mix tape NOPE.

Hot Thing feat ASAP Rocky– This is definitely a filler it was just ehhh but I did like the track itselfit could have been better.

Hmmmm all in all Looking for Myself was just okay, I felt like once I heard Climax this album would have been better. This had a bunch of fillers and no depth to me. Usher was trying to be apart of the younger crowd, and it didn’t work FOR ME! Without you wasn’t even on this album whattttt that one I heard in every store lol  

3 out of 5 Mr. Raymond! 

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