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Spigen SGP Zipack Faux Leather Case!

Greetings everyone! It is the middle of the week, hump day, you get it Wednesday 🙂 

I posted a new video on my tech channel misspstechtalk this morning for Spigen SGP!! I love saying their new name, it rolls off the tongue…LOL For those that don’t know I have been reviewing for SGP since the beginning of misspstechtalk which I appreciate, and I LOVE their cases. 

Check out my review for the Zipack in HD!! Here are my favorite specs of the case:

~Red Quilt Style, haven’t seen that before! 
~Grab and go case.
~Installation is a breeze. 
~It feels amazing, and very smooth in the inside.

That happens so much I see cases on websites, they come in the mail, and I wonder what case company this is from. THE PICTURE DOESN’T MATCH! With SGP I can always count on the pictures matching, and the notes they include to be SPOT on! Check out the picture I included from Spigen YUP spot on! 

Awesome case! Definitely check it out, perfect for chicks and dudes comes in black and red~~Thanks Spigen-SGP! 

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