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A Month Post Graduation!

WOW!! I can’t believe it has been 4 months since I have been on my site! SHAME ON ME!! As you all know I have been so BUSY, but I am back!! 

I am currently writing for other blog check it out here where of course I am talking about TECH!! I wanted to give my thoughts on the iPhone “5” personally I can not wait for it, but I hope these leaked photos are rumors because this design will not be a favorite of mine!! If you want to know my thoughts on all things tech and much more BOOKMARK that blog!

I am also watching season 2 of Grey’s Anatomy! Now you all have been holding out on me, this SHOW IS BANANAS!! LOVE IT! Come to find out the writer for Grey’s is also the writer for Scandal, this chick is DOPE!! 

It has been a whole month since I have graduated and I feel as though I am still trying to catch up with my personal life. In four years undergrad and some change in high school my only focus has been CLASS, CLASS, and more CLASS! Now that I am DONE, I don’t know what to do with myself LOL

Now I am a natural hustler I am always doing something! Thank God I have the ability to use my talents to bring in an income for the past year. Of course I have been hearing…the economy is tough, jobs are scarce, blah blah, but I rolled my big brown eyes and went out on the job hunt this past week. 

Interviews are brutal and stressful, but I prevailed. (maybe I should do a video on my experience) AYEEE *hits the dougie to the call backs* hopefully I secure a position that I REALLY want this week! Of course it is dealing with TECH & SALES what I do best 🙂 I knew once I secured a “BIG GIRL JOB” I wanted to really ENJOY what I do…not sit at a desk and twiddle my thumbs. I have done that before and it is BORING!! 

As for everyone who is asking when am I going back to school. My answer is when I am ready, my brain feels like MUSH. Expect me to enter my grad program in Spring 2013, the way this year is moving that is right around the corner. 

While I wait for a call back, I will continue to do videos, try to relax, hang with friends, mentor my girls, blog, and attend some graduations. YES this will be my schedule for this week alone LOL

Look forward to me blogging everyday(or so)! Pretty soon this domain will change to, with a new layout, etc!! Thanks for reading, I appreciate it!! 

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3 thoughts on “A Month Post Graduation!

  1. Now miss p, I am shamed that you are just now getting into Greys! Lol girl that is my show!! And yes Shonda Rhimes is the creator of that Scandal and Private Practice. I go in and out of PP, though but it has its moments. Irs good that you took some time off before grad school and I pray you find that job/career that you really want. GOD Bless ya darling!!

  2. Nicole on said:

    Hi Miss P!!! I too will agree with Tasha and say ” SAY on YOU for not knowing about this” I am also and lover of GREYS ANATOMY!! I actually have seasons 1-5. Funny story my grandmother actually introduced me to the series of Grey’s and I have been hooked every since season one. Congratulation!!!!!!!!!! to you on your graduation from college.

    OAN: Although, we’ve never met in person I’m soooooo proud of you and all your endeavors!!! Keep God first and never ever, second guess your abilities in life!!! Keep Striving for whatever you pursue in life… Can’t wait to see what God has in store for you!!!!

    follow me on twitter @ brownsuga2586 & instagram: Brownsuga2586…

  3. BeauGorgeousNatural on said:

    I totally adore you sis! You are an inspiration MORE THAN YOU KNOW!!!:-):-):-) Get yo’ relax on sis@!!!:-) Proud of you gal_!!

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