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Blush Jewelry!

Greetings to everyone!! I hope you are doing simply fabulous today, anytime you are reading this! 

Thanks to everyone for watching my blush jewelry review, I am so glad you all enjoy the products!! They are simply awesome…I am actually wearing the studs as I type.

Speaking of the studs, blush jewelry sent out two colors the pink and the white. Remember I am giving away the pink studs, be sure to comment on the review video to enter!! Even though these earrings are small, the bling factor is JUST DOPE, for only $9.95!

I absolutely love this bracelet, the pink and white SO CUTE!! I think that is my official review phrase lol If you are not into pink and white there are other choices on the site. $39.95

These earrings are adorable, not small but not big either RIGHT IN BETWEEN. The bling factor is there though all the way, they will see you coming definitely! Like I stated in the video they are very light, you can’t even tell you have them on. $89.95

All in all I loved the presentation of this company, and the prices are not bad AT ALL!!! For the look you would expect the prices to be through the roof, but not the case. Make sure to use the code MISSP10 in order to receive a percentage off your order! Look out for  future reviews between myself and BlushJewelry!

Peace, love, and all that good stuff yall!!

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2 thoughts on “Blush Jewelry!

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  2. Meika on said:

    Miss p….I need that nail polish in my life!!! What is it called.

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