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Winners for Days 9-13~~

Hey everyone!!!

I hope you are all doing FABULOUS!!

The winners for Day 9-13 are ready to be revealed!! I try to give all giveaways at least a week and some change to run!! You all had time for EXTRA EXTRA entries… Thanks to those that were patient with me, for those that weren’t as Tamar would say…”have several seats!” YES I DID! lol

For the winners CONGRATS!

Winners be sure to contact me by Thursday January 19 at 5pm EST, through youtube or twitter message with your information(full name, address, etc), as well as what you won in the subject line! After Thursday at 7pm, there will be a twitter giveaway right after!!


Day 9 Switcheasy extravaganza;

Canvas ipad2-Paristokyo126

Trim iphone-FranAye

Odyssey Case-jbrown711

Cover buddy-carlosjayking

Card cases



Cara Case-Nisha_LJ

Capsul Rebel iphone4-ebonymariek

Trim iphone-iRestMy_CASE

Nude ipad2-IamJakyraTee

Day 10 Beautyonblast HUGE giveaway;

BBW Hoops in red-zulyxbaby

BBW Hoops in green-NaturallyDaria

BBW Hoops in black/white-alexischester


Charm Bracelet-MsFabulosity09

Day 11 Kindle Fire giveaway;


Day 12-Crochango Set giveaway;


Day 13-Shop Kill Pink giveaway;


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2 thoughts on “Winners for Days 9-13~~

  1. Frances on said:

    Darn, maybe next time :/… Congrats to the winners!!!! 🙂 it’s a great thing you’re doing MissP ❤

  2. OMG!!! Thanks MissP!!! Woot Woot!

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