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Incipio Feathers!!! I have heard so many good things about these cases, and it was the TRUTH!! These cases are so soft, as stated in the video FRESH baby soft.

I am the type like texture with my cases, and the feathers have a matte feel to them. Neon blue and neon pink are the color choices for this combination, but you can get any combo of your choice on incipio’s website

Of course I am using the Neon pink, and I LOVE it, and a special viewer will receive the neon blue.

In order to get in on the neon blue incipio feather for the iphone4/4S you must:

Comment on the review video with feather-your comment

LIKE & FAVORITE the review video, and be a subscriber of misspstechtalk

For extra entries comment down below and be sure to include your youtube username. For even extra entries follow me on twitter @misstp90 and incipio @myincipio  include the hashtag #incipiofeather with your tweet!

Next up I want to get into the Offgrid for the iphone4/4S! This does work definitely, I went from 5% to 60% in 45 minutes to an hour without using my phone. While using my iphone I went from 20% to 55% A fully charged Offgrid will charge a low battery iphone to at least 72% In my opinion that isn’t bad at all especially for a backup battery.

The CHERRY RED is so ELECTRIC!! I have noticed with incipio that the colors really POP!

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15 thoughts on “Day#14~~Incipio!!

  1. Martesha on said:

    Feathers- I just got my iPhone 4 for Christmas and would love to win a case my YouTube name is msmarty87

  2. Youtube: RheElizabeth1672. I really want that blue incipio feather case!!

  3. IMisha11 on said:

    YouTube Name: IMisha11
    I hope Morris(My iPhone4s) Can get Feathered.!!! 🙂

  4. Feather- my username is Kicktu i got a iphone 4s for christmas and i would like a cool case such as that one

  5. (YT: MsShaeBoogie) The color POPS!!! It would look super cute on my black 4s.

  6. Tomika Johnson on said:

    I just got my iPhone and it needs some clothes now

  7. Sheena on said:

    Youtube Username: CalenderJuiceSheena
    My white iPhone 4S would love a new jacket 😛

  8. Youtube Username: Missjackso
    My mom’s iphone 4s doesnt have a case and this would be a nice case to have

  9. Enter me into the contest. I’m also CanadianQueen on YouTube!

  10. I think I want a battery pack I must look into getting me one. Love the review!!

  11. i want this soo bad!!

  12. I love incipio!
    youtube: mybrown830

  13. Im loving the cases!!! and i definitely drop my iphone waay too much smh. yt name: xXSweetAsCandieXx

  14. Youtube: QuinyQuinQuin
    I really would love to have the incipio feather case 🙂

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