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Day #13 ~~KillPink Shamballas!!!

Thanks so much to MissJia from @ShopKillPink she is AWESOME!! Here are some up close and personal pics for you all!! I know I will be making some more purchases within the week, ya’ll aren’t ready for this new creation!

If you would like extra entries comment below and be sure to include your youtube name, and for even more entries follow us both on twitter @misstp90 (ME) @ShopKillPink (Jia) with your tweet and be sure to include the hashtag #ShopKillPink!

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31 thoughts on “Day #13 ~~KillPink Shamballas!!!

  1. brittney on said:

    The bracelets are sooooo cute! I want one! 😀

  2. The quality looks AMAZING!!!!!

  3. D.Wilson on said:

    Love,Love,Love this bracelet! I gotsta have it. lol

    youtube: Rumor88

    twitter: @_OhMrWilson

  4. Lindsy Zaldivar on said:

    I Love this bracelet so much. IT IS EXACTLY my cup of tea. Thanks Miss P for doing this giveaway!!! Love you Boo

  5. BreAna Arnstrong on said:

    Ooh I saw these on another website there called shamballa braclets I love them but there sooo expensive I need these in my LIFE!!! LOL
    My YouTube name Couturechic89

  6. Leslie Kelly on said:

    I love these bracelets! I really love the one she made you. I think these are a big hit so hopefully if I don’t win this one you will do another giveaway. I really need one cuz I definitely have been called sassy, bossy, aggressive, loud, edgy, crazy & most of the time I don’t give a #€%£<*! ;0) much love Miss P. Thx Jia & Miss P for this awesome giveaway.
    YT-lllelly316 twitter-llkelly316

  7. Would love to win this shamballa. I am KalienteMami on YouTube. Your review was awesome.

  8. Wow! that is just so pretty! so im kind of in the years of my life where i am trying to find my unique self and style, and this bracelet looks like EXACTLY like my personal style and then it is so unique… unique jewelry is always beautiful to me and thos type tend to be my a favorite

  9. Jasmine Cook on said:

    Hey Miss P I really love the bracelet it is different just like me. I HAVE BEEN CALLED MANY OF THOSE THINGS ON THE CARDS THAT SHE SENT!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. Jasmine Cook on said:

    Hey Miss P love your giveaways as always!! I love the Paraclete its so unique and different! I love jewelery you can’t find anywhere else!! I have been called all of those things on her card!!

  11. africanbeauty113 on said:

    the bracelet is so cute.

  12. I love both of those…and I really love bracelets that have an earthy, neutral feel to them. That matches my style. I went to the website and I fell in love with this one:

    I love all shades of blue…I also love pink = ) If I had to choose a speciefic color it would be a turquoise color/stone with brown roping.

    YT: ChymereATL
    Twitter: s0ulpoetic

  13. enosynce on said:

    The first one is kayute! 🙂

  14. wow they look cuter in the picture than it does in the video review. i can see the pink a lil better. i wish i could see this in person.
    Youtube: mybrown830

  15. Deborah on said:

    The video doesn’t do these bracelets justice!!! I can really see the pink…and that brown on is just beautiful!!! I’m on the site now…I love it!! Hope I win, but if I don’t I’m soo going to get one!!! Blessings to yah MissP & Jia!!!

  16. loved jia’s bracelets! 🙂

    youtube: nebulagirlie24

    twitter: sweetheartswan

  17. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE BOTH of these bracelets. KillPink is an Amazing place :).



  18. Brandi on said:

    Hey this is dugar78 from the YT. Loving that bracelet!

  19. I was going to buy a bracelet this weekend wow such a great giveaway. I love the neutral color too!! I am attempting to customize two so I can stack or give one to my niece I am not sure yet but I am excited by all the bracelets I just dont know where to start! lol
    Youtube- Ericalenise

  20. that’s whats up! i didn’t know Jia was doing something new! go on girl!! i really like the silver and pink that you have, but the neutral is banging too!! def something for the fresh and funky style type of chicks, which is me! lol,

  21. hannah f. on said:

    I hope I win this bracelet! i want this bracelet because I love the meaning that shamballa bracelets hold! Thanks for the giveaway! 😀


  22. Aferba on said:

    Miss P i absolutely LOVE the bracelet!! i gotta have it. IT will look AMAZING with my skin tone plzzzzz!!!!
    youtube is aferba12312 Twitter is a_feebs. I am keeping my fingers crossed

  23. these bracelets are so cute i would love one in blue for my daughter. 🙂 i’m a neutral color girl myself so i love that one. even though my favorite color is purple i hardly wear purple

  24. Tomika Johnson on said:

    This is one of the dopest accessories out. I will be checking her site out

  25. All those acerssories are thee bomb!

    twitter/yt: naturallydaria

  26. Taneya Hill on said:

    Youtube name SexyNeya88

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