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Day 8~Elago E6 Headphones!!!

Merry Christmas EVE to you all 🙂

I take it you have seen my review for the Elago E6M headphones, one well three words THEY ARE GREATTTT!*insert Tony the Tiger*

I absolutely LOVE reviewing Elago products!


The E6M Control Talk In-Ear Headphone are simply put: A BEAST! The sound is excellent, I like my tips LOUD and these headphones do just that. This also help with the control talk feature, you can hear the person without even messing with the mic.

The color is a FIERCE red, and the cord is very durable. Out of the week that I have used them the cord HAS NOT tangled at all. That was a WIN for me!

Simply put I really enjoyed these headphones!!




Thanks to Elago they included an extra box for a lucky viewer. If you would like to get in on these headphones be sure to comment on the review video, LIKE, as well as FAVORITE!! If you would like to get extra entries comment below and please include your youtube or twitter username!!

Good luck!!


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59 thoughts on “Day 8~Elago E6 Headphones!!!

  1. YT Name is :Teaundra Twitter is MsPhD26 I hope to win these!

  2. LiegeyGirl on said:

    I forgot to mention in my other comment in YouTube that I could definitely use these headphones because I’m addicted to watching Netflix and DirectTV on my iPad!! And get this, I watch it at night in the bed with my hubby while he is sleeping. So to get these headphones, I can continue watching my shows, workout, and multitask with the versatility they offer!! Thanks for the giveaway!!
    YouTube: MrsLiegy Twitter: LiegeyGirl

  3. I would love to win these!

    Twitter: OGKnockoutNess
    YouTube: femalegenius

  4. naturallyjayyy on said:

    I want these Elago earphones! Iwant them because the Apple earphones get old really quick and they start to tear.. having an extra pair on deck wouldn’t hurt!!! I want those earphonessss!!
    YouTube: NaturallyJay19
    Twitter: JakyraWill

  5. Lindsy Zaldivar on said:

    My YouTube name is bonitalili3 and I really need some headphones especially when I love listening to music all day. My old headphones broke and hopefully I get these pair. Love You Miss P!!!

  6. My youtube: neoncyte
    My twitter: @auriculogenesis

  7. Those headphones are pretty sweet. My youtube name is Jaraamawitchy88

  8. I really need a new pair of headphone mines are bootlegg lol!


  9. Youtube Name: R3d142 I really want those earphones because my dog ate mines and I’ve searched all over couldn’t find no earphones greater than these.

  10. I would really love to have these headphones to give to my mom as a gift! She definitely could use some nice headphones for her new iPhone 4! 😀

    YouTube Name: TheCreat1veOne
    Twitter Name: @Creat1ve

  11. MissP I need those headphones in my life! My last pair had an unfortunate death… 😦

    Twitter: dontcallmesal
    YT: gotstack

  12. IMisha11 on said:

    YT: iMisha11 and Twitter: whodat_Lonniece

  13. I would love those headphones because I enjoy listening to music especially when I workout and that attached mic would come in handy when I record my lectures.

    My Yt:Msfabulosity09 and Twitter: Simply_Misha

  14. Miss P I really need those headphones b/c Lord knows I’m tired of my $2 walmart headphones falling out of my ears while I’m working out. lol Merry Christmas
    YouTube: dwizz08

  15. MissP send those headphones over to me in Hawaii please! My headphones are about to break soon. Thank you!
    Youtube: mybrown830
    Twitter: mybrown89

  16. krystalification1 on said:

    Hey MissP
    YouTube name: krystalification1

    Please give me those earbuds,please. I like my music cranked just as loud!

  17. Hey MissP!!! First of all I love your videos!! For the past few years I have lost my dad, 2 uncles, my grandfather and an aunt all to complications with diabetes and high blood pressure. Needless to say I am not only stressed, saddened, and going through I am also scared for my own health so I have decided to put in some “HARD WORK” and get my diet and exercise on! I just got a iPod Touch and I love it but I hate the earbuds but these earbuds would be not only stylish but they look so comfy! I can use them while walking and working out at the gym. I know everyone has their own reason for wanting the earbuds so I’ll say Good Luck to everyone and I wish that you and all of your wonderful subscribers have a blessed Christmas and New Year! Peace and Many Blessings!!!

    Twitter: MzPoeticVibezz

  18. Shannon Muir on said:

    yt: OhhLaaaLaaax

    i would love these headphones so i can hear youtube videos and music better, the headphones im using at the moment are too big for my ears so they are always falling out.
    thanks for the amazing giveaways! x

  19. Miss P!!! Give me those headphones so I can rest my Beats by Dre!!!! I love my Beats but they are uncomfortable to wear while laying down to chill to music or watch Netflix movies on my iPhone. My Dre Beats are the full size earphones (not buds) so I really need a QUALITY pair of earbuds for comfort!! Plus, I trust your reviews!! Love ya Sis! Thanks for another GREAT partnership/giveaway!! ~ @destaneessmith on Twitta 😉

  20. I want those head phones! @Juewelz03

  21. Tori Palmer on said:

    Twitter Name: itzAria365 YouTube name: OsnapitzT0Ri
    I forgot to mention that I can pay for headphones but, i dont have a J.O.B.! Those dollar general headphones are like just rigged to break fast. Even TARGET wasnt ’bout nothing! I really need those headphones

  22. Hi MissP!
    My Youtube Name is: MrBestdancer12 and
    My Twitter Name is: @RudiYacoub
    Thanks so much for this Give away! 🙂

  23. Miss P I need those headphones because I’ve been looking around for good quality headphones and have failed. I can tell from the lil clip of you playing them out loud they are some bad boys over there, I would love to receive a pair of them and the red is my favourite colour. Thanks for reading.

    Youtube Username – joeyyo5

  24. Jessica Brown on said:

    I would love to win these Headphones because my 1year old ate my last pair of headphones.An those headphones were my favorite pair they blocked out the sound very well.So again I would love to win some new Headphones!!! Thanks Miss P

  25. Katherine Pitts on said:

    I am a headphone freak!!! I buy about at least 2 pair a month. I love good head phones. I love my music loud and because I ride the bus they are great for ignoring ignorance. Hey MissP….GIVE ME THOSE HEADPHONES MA’AM!!!!!!! Thank you! Byyyyyyyeeeeeee!

  26. I would love to win these!!!!

    youtube – disciples725

  27. Leslie K on said:

    Miss P, you are so beautiful inside & out. I mean that but also that a little flattery would get me every where. I’m kidding. I would love to win these awesome headphones.
    Thx so much for all these awesome giveaways.
    Much love.

  28. Danielle on said:

    I could really use those headphones for studying and entertainment and I am sick of the cheap ones falling out when I workout.

  29. Awesome!! Been waiting on a headphone giveaway!! please enter me!!! thanks girl!!!

  30. I would really love these my twitter is DaJa_Rell

  31. Mrs p I would really love to get these my earbuds are out of there one of them lost his buddy so I only have one working lol

    My twitter: DaJa_Rell

  32. Markeda (realistkj) on said:

    OMG MissP….I need those headphones!! My 75 cent headphones are not working anymore!!!
    Youtube: realistkj
    Twitter: KeDA_15

  33. Hey!
    I would really like to win because these headphones are a better quality compared to ones i’m currently using and I would like a good pair of headphones when traveling to work or at the gym. THanks!
    Youtube user name: ariesstar23

  34. YT- Songstress487
    Hey Miss P loving all the great products for your giveaways. Those elago headphones are niceee. Merry christmas btw and enjoy! Thanks for the giveaways!

  35. Youtube username: Quietgirl7
    Hey MissP. Music is my life. I can’t go a day without listening to music. I would love to have these headphones because the ones that I have now are poor quality(got them from the dollar store). I have lost so many headphones this year. I have been searching for the perfect ones and these seem to be the one. Being a high school student, I need my music wherever I go. I can use them for many purposes. Some are walking to the bus, cleaning the house, doing my homework, dancing, ignoring my parents,teachers, and people. I can just pop these bad boys in and be at peace. The benefits would be that I would be happy everyday knowing that I can listen to my music and really hear what it truly sounds like. Winning this would be a great B-day and Christmas gift. I would be extremely grateful to win these headphones. Having these headphones would make me the happiest person alive. Merry Christmas and thanks for giving us the opportunity to win these headphones. =)

  36. Ama aka BeauGorgeousNatural on Youtube on said:

    I would love these headphones! For mommy to unwind and block out the chaos!LOL!

  37. I would relly love those headphone because I have a similar problem like you do…headphones NEVER stay in my ears! 😦 It’s such an inconvenience. I would also love to getthome because I will be able to share them with my mom ^_^
    Youtuber Name: TBallaZ

  38. cutiece66 on said:

    I would love to win the Elago E6 Headphones. Red is my favorite color.

    YouTube; cutiece66
    twitter: cutiece

  39. Hii I need these headphones tomhelp me study, music helps me remember information for classes since it’s easy to memorize lyrics I memorize French verbs etc to the music.

    My ytube name: tunasmittv226

  40. Monae Gibson on said:

    Would love to win those phones. They would be great for watching youtube videos on my break at work.
    Youtube name: cuteynae

  41. SJClove80's on said:

    Youtube Name: SJClove80’s MissP I loved your review I indeed remember the E4 review however, the “BOLD” red for the E6 caught my four eyes( I wear glasses), anywhhooo…. tangle free, loud&the voice control is right up my alley matter of fact its my address…lol its perfect for me… cant wait for the next review!

  42. MrFreshPrinze2010 on said:

    Youtube Name: MrFreshPrinze2010

  43. Miss P I would really love these headphones because I could finally listen to my music, and get justice from the music! I think I commented on something else referring to the headphones Im not sure, but I usually buy mine from ebay, and I paid some good money for them and I tried to return them because they sounded horrible, and he would take them back:( sad story

  44. I just lost my half-broken headphones 😦 I need these Elago’s in my life!!

    Twitter: dontcallmesal
    YT: gotstack

  45. Thanks for doing giveaways!

    Twitter: TheEliteiPhone

  46. I would definitely use these while hitting the gym (to undo all the damage I did over the holidays)!

    Youtube: NYCStyleChica
    Twitter: NYCStyleChica

  47. Hook me up, Miss P! I need these so I can get in my zone properly when I work out and have freedom of movement. Thanks and happy holidays!

    YouTube: lahermanytak Twitter: EssKayGA

  48. MissP gimme those headphones!!!! I had the opportunity to purchase the 12 in 1 Elago usb card reader after your awesome review I will love to have these headphones!!! I can use it on the go with my Blackberry, my Kindle Fire and a host of other gadgets. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!!!!

    Seasons Greetings.
    @beautyfreaknful from twitter
    Sumstas on youtube ^_^

  49. I need those earphones because I listen to my PSP as a MP3 player during my regular errands like job searching, traveling to and from college and etc.

    Twitter: DaBossman_850

  50. Jasmine Cook on said:

    Miss P give me those headphones girl!! Love the video! I enter almost every giveawy that you had!!!

  51. I want these Elago earphones because my Apple earphones is getting old and the wires are starting to tear apart.
    YouTube: Missjackso

  52. Vicky James on said:

    My YT name is: ‘Mslazelle’
    My twitter name is: ‘Ladyjames2012’

    I want those headphones, MissP!!! Keep them video coming; you have a GREAT personality.

  53. Sheena on said:

    Youtube username: CalenderJuiceSheena
    Would love some premium earbuds instead of using the crappy apple earbuds!

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