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Greetings peoples!!

The H12 is my absolute favorite out of the stylus I reviewed on my recent SGP video. It would be awesome if it came in colors!! I can’t say this enough it feels just like a PEN, very smooth, and the presentation is wonderful. The best part I doubt I will misplace it.

Most stylus are very small and slim and you might misplace it, if not careful…NOT THIS ONE!!

Plus the tip does not get punctured during use. Pretty much the tip does not have a permanent imprint of the material underneath it, that is not a pretty sight.



The H10 was nice as well. I just check on the amazon site due to SGP website construction, and they come in COLORS!! TOO CUTE!! The sherbert pink was so fabulous. Now I did enjoy the practicality of this stylus, it packed so many features in such a small package.

The lanyard was a wonderful touch to keep this stylus near your ipad. I will only use this for my ipad2, I didn’t feel as comfortable with it for my iphone. No stylus for that matter!

This stylus as opposed to the H12 is a matte finish, which I liked better. The cap was very secure as well. I paired it with my sherbert pink argos case and it was a WRAP for me. SGP always has the answers for all my questions LOL

As far as the giveaway I am definitely going to let one of you lucky viewers out there get in on the H10 white stylus from SGP.

Comment below with why you need this stylus, and make sure to include your youtube screenname! Remember to comment, LIKE, & FAVORITE the review video!!


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23 thoughts on “Day 7.5~~SGP KUEL STYLUS!!

  1. i want this because i am left handed too and i want the stylus so that my hand does not touch the ipad!
    youtube username: devpatelz

  2. YouTube name Teaundra I’m in grad school and would love something to write on the screen with since the stylus I use to have before I lost it the tips kept coming off

  3. Hey Missp, I would love to have the stylus because when given the opportunity to write notes on the iPad I need something to use besides my own finger. haha
    Youtube: Flickerchocho

    I just had to tell you how much I love the idea of the wish list you’re doing. I swear you are an angel from heaven! haha Love you, MissP and hope you have an wonderful holiday! ❤

  4. Hey Missp, i would love to have this stylus, because i do alot of writing on my iPad, for essays, or just notes. And i feel that it would make it way easier to write in script, which can help me write notes faster during when im in school.

    Have A Safe & Wonderful Christmas and NewYears!
    Love your videos Missp!

    Youtube: CarlosJayKing

  5. I want this stylus because I am an aspiring illustrator/graphic designer and I draw 200000 times a day and I love it! This stylus will allow me to harness my skills on the iPad and help me improve! Plus it’s a pretty pen! My YouTube name is oxxTJRxxo!

  6. Hello Miss P my youtube name is kicktu i need that stylus because its so hard to write on my ipad with my finger

  7. Kourtney on said:

    Hey Miss P, I need that stylus pen! I use my iPad for notes taking in all my nursing classes so it would be so great to receive a stylus to make things a lot easier in 2012.

    YouTube name: ParisTokyo26

  8. My youtube name is cookiesncream81. I would like this stylus because I am the VP of my SGA and I take a lot of notes especially on our conventions so this stylus will help me keep up and stay organized.

  9. Leslie K on said:

    This is awesome. I would love the stylus. I’m always making the list of videos or what I want to do next on my YT channel & this would come in handy when something pops into my head right away. Thx for the opportunity to win this.
    Happy Holidays.

  10. Hey Miss P I really need that stylus im getting ready to go to college and it would be great for me to take notes on my Ipad.

    YouTube Name: R3d142

  11. Hey Tara aka MsP!! I neeeeeeed this stylus because when I type on my iPad, it’s a hot mess! I have HUGE FINGERS haha and when I type the letter “j” h,j,k, and l come up on the the screen. This makes it impossible to take any notes, as you can see I really need this stylus! Merry Xmas

  12. Miss P I want this stylus for my iphone because I used the stylus on my HTC Tilt 2 phone and loved it. I’ve never had use of a stylus with any of my apple products and would like to tyr it out.

    YouTube name : JH35146

  13. for my ipad, with this thing….omg it would be the bomb!

    Youtube: NaturallyDaria

  14. hannah f. on said:

    This stylus is important for me to have because of both of my parents have the ipad and they would totally appreciate a stylus for it! They aren’t the best typers on the ipad, so maybe the stylus would help them! hopefully i win!

    youtube name: h2flo915

  15. I could really use this stylus, as I would love to have it to possibly start doing digital artwork on my device! I’ve seen so many people do it, but I’ve never got to dabble in it myself. With this stylus, it would definitely give me the opportunity to do so! 😀

    YouTube Username: TheCreat1veOne

  16. Meighan Allen on said:

    I have both and iPad and iPhone and hate fingerprints. A stylus would make everything better and anything sgp is the bomb

  17. YouTube name : femalegenius

    I would love to have this stylus because the current one I have is decent but it’s not as smooth as I would like. This would come in handy for my note taking.

  18. Rasheeda Atwell on said:

    Hey missptv, I am a dedicated miss p follower. And I wanna start off saying that I love your tech channel. This stylus is stylish, helpful,and handy and I would love to have it. And My iPad 2 always gets smudges from my fingers. Thanks for your time!!!
    Youtube Username: Sprinkles 7123

  19. I would really like this for takiing notes, sketches and doodles in class because sometimes its faster to write it out then to type it.


  20. Tomika Johnson on said:

    I need this cause I’m always pressing the wrong button or option on both my iPhone and iPad! Help!!!

  21. Hey missptv, I have been a subscriber of yours for a while now. I absolutely love your videos. I would like the stylus because I have both an iPad and an iPod touch and I hate leaving fingerprints and smudges on them all the time. My youtube name is missjackso

  22. Hey missptv, I have been a subscriber of yours for a while now. I absolutely love your videos. I would like the stylus because I have both an iPad and an iPod touch and I hate leaving fingerprints and smudges on them all the time. My youtube name is missjackso. I have been your subscriber since your other channel (misstp90)

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