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Day 7~~BudgetGadgets & Nanos!(CLOSED)

Greetings everyone!!

Make sure to check out the official review on misspstechtalk for BudgetGadgets!


Want to get extra entries for the iPod nano sponsored by LeReg, comment down below with your YouTube username & why you need this iPod nano!

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66 thoughts on “Day 7~~BudgetGadgets & Nanos!(CLOSED)

  1. Juewelz on said:

    I need this iPod nano to bring with me to the gym . I am trying to get fit and healthy . This nano would be a perfect way to help motivate me in the gym.

  2. Lindsy Zaldivar on said:

    Hi my YouTube name is bonitalili3 and I would love this Ipod nano because I love music and dancing to it whenever I fell down. I don’t mind if I don’t get it as long as you keep making funny videos for me to watch!!! Thanks Miss P!!!!!!

  3. Hey how are you Ms. P? Hopefully fine. I recently entered this give away on your channel for an iPod nano. I think this would be the perfect gift for my 12-year-old nephew. He is really into football and could use it when he goes to away games. Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. GIVE ME THAT NANO! I’ve actually recently been looking in to the new generation of iPods trying to figure out which one to purchase, and the little watch feature with the nano is really cool and would come๏ปฟ in handy! I’d love to win it! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Youtube: TheJamieDMusic

  5. GIVE ME THAT NANO! & Happy Holidays MissP im checking out the gadget site now! YT redblaze82 and I need a ipod nano because Ive never had one and getting it in a phone kills the battery! I would hook it up to my buggy and blast music the whole way to NC haha. TY

  6. My Youtube name is slamballmanlita and I would love that Nano to give to my grandmother. She always going on trips but she still uses an cd player and she always complaining about havign to always get batteries and I would love to get her up to date with the technology. So give me that Nano!!!!

  7. Ama aka BeauGorgeousNatural on Youtube on said:

    Give Me That Nano! Would love this as a workout helper for me….I am a wife and mommy 24/7 and would love this for myself to wind down and shake it up!LOL..Thanx for this opportunity…

  8. Songstress487 here, Hey miss P! Yess I def need that nano, I have not one single mp3 player or Ipod and I def need to store my music somewhere besides my laptop and I like that its good for my workouts as well. Give me that Nano! Thanks for the giveaways! Love your reviews!

  9. Taneya Hill on said:

    Youtube Name: SexyNeya88, I would love to win this Ipod nano so my family and I could use it to help use start our weight lose journey as a family.

  10. Youtube Name is RheElizabeth1672. I would love to have this ipod nano because I washed my ipod in my soccer warm ups about a year ago :/ and never have enough money to get a new.

  11. Markeda (realistkj) on said:

    Youtube name: realistkj
    I REALLY WOULD LOVE TO HAVE THAT NANO because my ipod was recently stolen, and I would really LOVE to have another one!!!

  12. Bashfulduckie on said:

    Give me that Nano! from Bashfulduckie on youtube! ๐Ÿ˜€ Ive been wanting to listen to music while I work out and I really want the Nike feature. I want to get fit for the new year! Please Please be apart of my journey to getting fit By Giving me that Nano! ๐Ÿ˜€ Thank You!

  13. Cuteynae on said:

    Give me that Nano. It would be awesome to win, this is the perfect gift for me.

  14. Betty3Jean on said:

    I would love to win this nano so i can have something to listen to while i workout. and just to have something i can put my music on period. I’m sure my mom is tired of me using her radio, haha. and the itunes gift cards would be awesome as well!! Good giveaway Miss P. and LeReg!!! (Betty3Jean on youtube)

  15. elmo112078—-i would love to have the nano because i have been promising my lil cousin for one but not able to afford it so this would be perfect!!! i think what you are doing is awesome and continue with much success!

  16. ambermichelle on said:

    Give me that nano! My youtube user name is pemdas401k I love apple but just can’t afford any of its products right now the nano would greatly help motivate me at the gym as well as keep me updated with its unique features

  17. Terrence Jones on said:

    YouTube name: swaggsurfa1
    I think I deserve an iPod nano because , as a youmy adult I enjoy music and it’s an essential to my life. My upcoming Xmas won’t be good and I hoped I could win one of these to shine a little light on a bad situation. And Id really love one.

  18. Leslie Kelly on said:

    I would love the IPod Nano to give to my son. He’s always wanted one to listen to his tunes. He would be so grateful if I could give him this Nano & I would be pumped if I won.
    Thx so much.

  19. ambermichelle on said:

    My youtube user name is pemdas401k. GIVE ME THAT NANO! I love and enjoy apple products but I just can’t afford them right now the nano would very useful for me because I work out as well as help my family around the house and the music gives me that extra boost I need to get the job done thanks MsP

  20. Tori Palmer on said:

    YouTube name: OsnapitzT0Ri
    I know they say diamonds are a girl’s bestfriend, well music is music is mines! I would love this iPod because I never had an iPod before, always mp3 players that would break after a month and there’s slot of music I’d love to listen to but cant

  21. melanie on said:

    The budget gadget website could definitely be organized better. I’m looking for a good iphone 4s case.
    Give me that nano. I want to give it to my nephew ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Dominique Turner on said:

    I desperately need this Ipod Nano because I was gifted a Zune(cheap version of ipod) some 3yrs ago & if I somehow forget to pay my monthly subscription, i can’t listen to music. I’m trying to get my life together working out again & I can’t do that with this heavy Zune in tow. My youtube name is SunflowerOlivia

    Merry Christmas Miss P

  23. Give me that I pod nano because I think it’s a cool gadget great gift for my hubby an best friend he is my world an I would give him that if I could so for now nano would be a great gift for him. Thank u MissP an LeReg for a great review an a awesome give away god bless happy holidays


  25. Kyre Echols on said:

    My youtube name is fReSHDuDe2010 , and I would defenantly love to have this nano because I run cross-country and it not easy running six miles and all you hear is feet tapping the ground . I look around and see other athletes w/iPods and all these gadgets straped on their arms , and what do I have………*looks around ! While I’m running I need a little party rocking and Ke$sha or something geeeeezz! Soo that being said , this nano would be a rather marvelous gadget to have while running cross country . Keep making me fall out my chair laughing !

  26. “give me that nano please” it would be great to have while walking to class.

  27. omg miss p please Give that nano mine of 3 years bured out on me and i been lonely๏ปฟ for real life is not the same with out my baby lawdhammercy im so serious

  28. Julian Saquic-Ray on said:

    I just really love your videos and I’m glad that I’m subscribed to you! You always make me laugh and I really do mean that! I really wanted to get my mom a iPod and this would really really surprise her and make her feel happy! GIVE ME THAT NANO!

  29. …another reason why I NEED this Nano…is cause its hot and Im tired of buying these cheap MP3 players that go out or is not worth crap.

  30. Another reason why I could use that Nano is definitely the Nike feature! Definitely could help me shed some excess weight and get fit for the summer!

  31. Hi my youtube username is tammariah. I need the Nano for my sister for a Christmas gift, I love her so much and I want to give her something nice. She would use it fir the music and for the other applications on the Nano.

  32. My youtube name is: Fluttertut. Hey miss P, I’ve had my sony mp3 player since ’08 and its been great I still love it, but just last year the screen cracked so I cant see anything! Not only that but now it falling apart :(…I think its time for a new replacement! I would looooove to replace it with a nano, that would be so nice ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Youtube name: Dork2008

    I would love to have the nano to help me keep track of my weight loss journey.

  34. hey(:, my username is rosesareforever777. i would love to have tht nano, so tht i could workout with it, it would most defentily keep me motivated.(:

  35. I wouldike the ipod nano because i just love music, im always listning to music, and updated on all the new songs. Having a nano would be great because i ca geta chance to take my music where ever i go and i wouldn’t have to wait to get on my lab top to listen to my music. My money has been short due to this holliday season buying family members gifts leaving myself with nothing to treat myself with. Getting this nano would be a great christmas gift to have.

  36. YOUTUBE NAME: r3d142 Give me the ipod nano i could be great for me to use when in studying its small and i could also use it will working out like you did a while back im doing my own๏ปฟ weight loss journey so gone head and give me that Ipod nano

  37. Carolyn K. on said:

    Youtube: cutiece66

    I want that NANO….this would be great for my workouts.

  38. hannah f. on said:

    Hi Miss P.! Thank you so much for this giveaway! My YouTube username is H2flo915!

    Why do I need that Nano? I really want to give it to my dad! He always gets the hand-me-down ipods from my step mom when she gets a new one! I think it’d be nice for him to have his own nano that is brand new! Please let me win! ๐Ÿ˜€

  39. Hey Miss p.. How you dewing( Wendy’s voice) I love to have this ipod nano because its an amazing product & it would be the perfect gift for my little sister! We are both BIG fans of your Main channel & Tech talk channel…. Thank you & keep up the good work miss p ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • YouTube name NekMichelle… Hey Miss P… How are you? I’d love to have an ipod nano because music is my life! Thank for these amazing give aways. Your doing an AWSOME job (Your voice) Keep up the good work love xoxo!!

  40. missKREATIVE13 on said:

    My youtube name is missKREATIVE13 and I am 16, I really want, I hoinestly can’t say I need it, but I want it because I run alot and its really boring and unmotivating without music and this is small and compact, and would deem to be really useful in the longrun. God Bless you for all that you do:)

  41. lovelrc on said:

    I will be doing my first half marathon and i’m looking for some training tools that will help to track my progress! So Please Please Please give me that iPod Nano! My youtube name is lovelrc!

  42. Hey MissP how’s it going?
    Okay to the point, I need this Ipod nano because I don’t have a mp3 player to play my music on and I would like to start walking around my neighborhood again to get more active. I’m not trying get skinny but I could get into some better shape and this could be a step in the right direction towards my health greatness/wellness in the new year. So this could be great help for me. thanks for listening. xo

    PS… I wish you all the continuing success on your channel and other projects that your doing in the future. Happy Holidays :O)

    YoutubeName: OCxoxo98

  43. I want that nano so I can give to my mother for her birthday! It will help motivate her to start her 2012 weight loss journey! ^_^ -Trina G from Toronto Canada!!!

  44. My youtube name tballaz btw!

  45. hello MissP i need this ipod so i can use it when i go jogging in the morning. My youtube name is kicktu.

  46. zuly torres on said:

    i wan that ipod nano!, because i’ve never had any sort of mp3,ipod,mp4 or anything. closest that i have had to any of those was one of those little fm radios lol. which is odd cause i absolutely love music, it is my motivation to everything lol. getting ready in the a.m.,cooking, working out, to drive, cleaning, just bout everything. my music device right now is my tv lol i put on those music channels and turn the volume up so i can do house work for the day lol. i cant afford any mp3 or ipod and niether can my parents for Christmas which sucks,and i would loveee to win thisipod nano please! (:

    youtube user name is:

  47. I would like to have the Nano so my dad can listen to some nice music before and after chemo therapy for his tongue cancer. He is a musician and this would certainly be a joy to him.
    He is 86 but he is into technology like the rest of us. He has always been there for all of us and I just thought this would certainly be the neatest gift ever.

  48. lilnequa4191 on said:

    My mom would love that Nano

  49. sherrod on said:

    Missp i can’t afford the nano it would really brighten my christmas so……..
    Merry Christmas/wishlist and “Give me that nano”

  50. Youtube: NaturallyDaria

    I would love using this for working out =]

  51. Danielle on said:

    I need this nano for studying and working out.

  52. Hi, my youtube name is Renobel and i would Love Love love to have this ipod nano, because its small and perfect for me to use when I work out. I always go to the gym at my school, then leave like 20 minutes into my workout because I get bored and have no motivation, but if I get this I can actually stay for an hour or more. Thanx for these giveaways!

  53. I really need this nano for the gym and school. Music for some reason always help me with studying and working out. And studying about computers came be kinda boring lol. My youtube name is 07nini.

  54. ItsMeTashia -I need this nano because I still rock the 1st gen iPod Mini ๐Ÿ˜ฆ that doesn’t work ๐Ÿ˜ฆ so major upgrading is needed!

  55. My twitter name is @femalegenius and I would love this nano because I gave my iPod away in the past to a friend who really needed music to relax them and such. Now I’m at a point in my life where music does the same for me so I would love to have one again.

  56. Give Me That iPod Nano!!! (YT-Name MissBrownButterlfy) I Would LOVE to have that iPod nano due to I don’t Own ANY! APPLE Product and I would LOVE see how it feels like to be apart of the APPLE FAMILY ๐Ÿ™‚ l

  57. Miss p I would love to receive an ipod nano because i have never owned one. It will also be a great help as my mobile device does not have a large memory so my music library is limited to want i can listen too. Thanks for reading.

    Youtube Username – joeyyo5

  58. I need this because its small and convenient.. Since I don’t carry a purse I can easily stick it in to my pocket and have my music with me where ever I go.

    YT: dats3xydym3

  59. Lyncia Bertil on said:

    Youtube Name: SmileyLyn
    Good Morning Girl! :D, My name is Lyn and I would love to win the nano. It’s kind of sad that I still don’t have an Ipod at 17 going on 18 lol. Anyway I just finished my first semester of college. Being a Pharmacology major has definitely has its affects on me lol, and sometimes I just need so music to get me through the day. This nano would be a Godsend, because I’m taking organic chemistry next semester =( lol
    -Thank you and have a nice day Miss P!

  60. Youtube: missalihia01,

    I would like to win this because I love to listen to music!. I really wanted this but cant afford it really! I would download and listen to my studies for school that would help me alot!! This is why I enterd to win this! It would be great its nice and small and not to heavy!!

  61. lovelrc on said:

    I really want the iPod Nano because I have a half marathon coming up in March and this would be great to take to the gym and on my runs!!!! I love your videos. My youtube name is lovelrc!!!!

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