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Day 6.3~Fuji FinePix F550 EXR(CLOSED)


It’s another dayyyyyyyyy! I hope you are having a swell one!

It is getting closer and closer to CHRISTMASSSSS, can you smell it lol

Shoutout to SAM!!! @mrssarkazz for hosting this giveaway for Day 6.3!

WHO WANTS A FUJI FINEPIX CAMERA??? If you would like all the specs on the camera here you go…

Isn’t it CUTE?

Well all you have to do to enter is comment on my Haul #10 video with your regular comment as well as “Lights, Camera, Action.”

If you would like extra entries be sure to follow both Sam and I on twitter as well as comment on this blog telling me why you need this camera!

Be sure to favorite, like, and RT the video as well!!

Thanks again to @mrssarkazz and I will see you all tomorrow for another DAY of giveaways!!

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64 thoughts on “Day 6.3~Fuji FinePix F550 EXR(CLOSED)

  1. I would love to win this camera so I could give it to my mom for Christmas since she has been asking for a camera but I can’t afford one. Thanks for doing a giveaway!

  2. I need this camera to make better YouTube videos! The camera that I have now has HORRIBLE sound quality… & I’ve used a Fujifilm camera before.. they take BEAUTIFUL PICTURES!!!

  3. i’ve been wanting a camera for photos for the longest, just never had the money or the time to get a good one and so many functions, opportunities and paparazzi moments have passed! i don’t wanna miss anymore!!! LOL! Please enter me!! Lights, Camera, Action!!!!

  4. Marquez Butler on said:

    Wassup MissP! I love that camera! I need a new 1 because my current 1 is dyin’ of natural causes right now! I need something with more video quality and a nice quality to take photos for 2012! Thanks!

  5. Lights, Camera, Action!!!!!! I have been eyeing this camera for a while, its top on my christmas list I really hope I win!!!! Thanks.

  6. Marquez Butler on said:


  7. CHILE…i have one of THE first cameras my boyfriend at the time got me…and that was 10 years ago…i think its been time for an upgrade lol!

  8. TwistedKurlzz on said:

    I really need this camera because I love taking pictures and video footage every where I go. I previously had another camera that I used to take pictures and record videos, but one day in the middle of me trying to record and take pictures at a natural hair and health expo, my camera literally broke and fell apart. Now the screen will not come on and the battery door will not stay closed even if I try to tape it up. I really hope that I can win this camera πŸ™‚

  9. Lindsy Zaldivar on said:

    I really would love this camera to record my memories of high school and my life. I also love to take pictures of the sky, sunsets, fireworks or even my dogs. I don’t mind if I lose and Im being completely honest. I love you Miss P for making me laugh at your funny way of saying things.

  10. I want this camara so i can get better pictures to show off at my photography school and to futher my experience with different types of cameras.

  11. this camera would do wonders for me, miss p- you don’t know how long i’ve been saving to get one but i either have to spend on something else or never have enough.
    this camera would be like a major starting point in my media studies class and so helpful throughout my course!!!
    pleeeeease consider me !!

  12. bria buford on said:

    i would love to have this camera because i have always wanted to start a youtube channel but i do not have a good camera. i love hair, shopping and make up and its always a lot of girls interested in that and i want to share my experiences in my life as far as college and personal life.

  13. Jessica Brown on said:

    I would love to enter the this give away.I’m the type of person that like to take pictures but dont really like to be in them.My family say its a talent of mine when it comes to cameras an pictures.I love to take picture I try to follow my uncle who was once a professional photograher.An if I had this camera it would really help since mine is broke. Please and Thank you for the chance of entering Miss P. God Bless Jess.

  14. I really need this camera because I love takein pictures. The camera that I use to have was stolen. I really would like to get back to takein pictures again.

  15. Taneya Hill on said:

    I want this camera because i would love to give it to my parents. I want to show them how much I love them and care for them. I know whatever my brother and I need they will try there best to get it.

  16. I could use this camera for taking pictures at school, for my photography class, and i could use it for my trip to California in January.

  17. i would love a this camera i am trying to get into fashion photography and this camera is exactly what i need.

  18. I would LOVE to have this camera not only because I LOVE taking pictures, but because I am planning on having a baby in the next year, and I would LOVE to have a nice camera to capture those moments from conception to the many years of life they will have. Thank you for having such a wonderful giveaway. You’re the best!!
    “Lights, Camera, Action”!!! Thanks!!

  19. I would love a new camera! Please pick me πŸ™‚

  20. KraziiDesire on said:

    Truth is, I’ve been looking at this camera for quite some time. Just never wanted to spend the money to get it. [TOUGH TIMES IN THIS ECONOMY HAHA] .

    I Would Really LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE To Have it


  21. I would love to win this camera because I want to start making youtube videos and need a good camera. As a fellow college student we both know how money is tight! How you doin?

  22. I want this camera because I want to make better quality videos for youtube. With this camera I will be able to capture more memories of my niece and nephew. πŸ™‚

  23. lights camera action
    love peace and soul
    Happy holidays ms p

  24. Juanita Coley on said:

    I want an need this camera I love taking pic of my family I have growing nieces an nephew an I want to capture every moment that I can I broke my camera an my iPod only capture if Im in the light it has no flash that sucks went to my husband christmas party an he got an award for perfect attends at work an I could not get a great pic cause of my I pod that tick me off so help a girl out an pick me please thank you HAPPY HOLIDAYS

  25. This camera will be prefect for the coming year I have some major events planned and it would do me justice to have this camera in hand.

  26. Charnise on said:

    I need this my latest camera broke… after buying ALL gifts im tapped out on funds to buy my own camera!! HELP πŸ™‚

  27. i need this camera because my friend broke mine and i love to vlog expecially since it is my second year in highshool i want to rmember it all!1thx

  28. I have never actually owned a digital camera to be honest, I used to use disposable cameras and scan them onto my computer (dinosaur behavior I know lol) a while ago or I would just make my friends take pictures with their cameras and send them to me (this irritates them a lot because I would be bugging them to send me the pics quick lol). But most time I just take pictures with my phone which don’t come out too good if the lighting in the room is bad since I’m still on the iphone 3GS (need to hook myself up with a 4S pronto!!)…so yeah, I really need the Fuji FinePix F550 EXR in my life because I love taking pictures and I usually travel to different places for holiday or work but do not have any pictures to show for it 😦 sad I know so please pick me Miss P and Sam…Love you!! **Lights, Camera, Action!!!***

  29. Betty3Jean on said:

    i would love to win this camera so my dad can get off my back about his, Lol. I also want to start recording, so this camera will be perfect for that, and pics of course! πŸ™‚ Lights, Camera, Action.. Miss. P and Samantha!!!

  30. I would really love to get this camera so i can give it to my little sister. She is into photography and very good at it and anything i can do to encourage her to keep up with it i will. That is why i would love to win this camera.

  31. I would love to win this camera cuz my camera doesn’t take very good pictures to show my nails on my blog & YT channel. For some reason they turn out blurry when I zoom in. I really need a new one to make better blog post. I don’t blog as much cuz of the quality of my pic. Plus I would love to take pics of my babies.
    I also follow you on twitter & love your videos. -llkelly316
    Thx for giveaway.

  32. Danielle on said:

    I need this camera bc mine is broken and I miss taking pics. 😦

  33. ooo that camera me likey. wow 15x opical zoom and 16megapixels. i want! the camera i have is 7.2mp with only 2x digital zoom. old school.
    Lights, Camera, Action!

  34. I would love this video because I broke my camera a few months ago.

  35. Hi Miss P! Thank you and Mrssarkazz for the giveaway! This is awesome! Why do I need this camera? Let’s just say my sony camera drowned this summer… and it just plain sucks now! So, I really hope to get this camera so that I can capture all the fun times I am having in my sophomore year of college! I hope I win this camera! Have a great holiday! Thanks again!

  36. I follow you on twitter!

  37. I follow mrssarkazz on twitter too!

  38. I would love this camera because the one I have always leaves a gray haze over all of my pictures. It’s soooo frustrating! I love to chronical my life through pictures and this camera would totally be a well needed aid!

  39. Shanequa on said:

    I need that camara so I capture the birth of my god child. I would be nice to have that memory for the years to come

  40. I would love to win this! I’m heading off to school away from home next term and would love love love to have it as a way to make the memories that I plan on building a part of my life forever! Loved the video and your “Vicky’s Secret” shirts! πŸ™‚

  41. hellokitty0277km on said:

    I would love the fujifilm camera. I was recently diagnosed with cancer, and I have been making videos to leave to my children so they can watch them when they get older. (got the idea from a lady on the Oprah show) I am still fighting, but it would be great to have a new camera to record better quality videos with, as of right now I am using my cell phone. Either way(win or loose) thank you for everything you do. Stay blessed.

  42. light camera action…… Im in a bind miss p I need that Camera (stony from set it off voice) please

  43. Lights, Camera, Action.

  44. I don’t necessarily “need” this camera..I would like to give it to my mother for Christmas though. I know that Fuji brand makes quality products and she would deeply appreciate this as a gift. Thanks MissP for doing these giveaways! You are certainly brightening up some folks Christmas!

  45. OMG I need this camera because the one I had died on me while I was using it

  46. “Lights Camera Action” i would love to have this camera to give as a gift to my mom. She lost her brother this past month and loves gadgets, but doesn’t have a digital camera. She would love this from me (and you) seeing how tight money is this year.

  47. Bruce Clymer on said:

    I have never had a really nice camera. I just would for once to have a really nice camera πŸ™‚

  48. I want to win the camera to upgrade the quality of my restaurant review blog and hopefully get published in the city’s weekly paper. Lights, camera, action!

  49. I need this camera because my camera’s screen is cracked and I cant see anything. I really need a new camera!! I have been using my camera on my phone to take pictures and it is not great quality!! I would love to win this camera. Thank you so much!!

  50. I would love this camera so I can start taking more pictures to start my weight loss blog this coming year. I also want to start making Youtube videos so the camera would be a plus. Thanks for all that you do MissP God Bless!

  51. I would like this camera because it sounds like it’s gonna make great videos and amazing pictures, which would be great for my channel on youtube! Thanks for this opportunity!

  52. Hey Tara How you doing (M_M)
    I just waned to thanks you for your videos and postive energy you
    put out into the universe it is greatly needed and appreciated. here wishing you
    a happy holiday to you and yours from me and mines.
    #Feliz Navidad #Lights, Camera, Action

  53. Lights camera action!!! I’m studying abroad and would love a new camera!!!!!

  54. chaviiia on said:

    lights camera action!!! this camera would be an awsome gift for my mother. this christmas she wants the nikon 1. but its pretty steep in price. so this would be perfect.

  55. Shannon Muir on said:

    Miss P; i need this camera, because its my last year at school & my 18th this year and i don’t have a decent camera to take millions of photos with (: x

  56. With this camera I could definitely improve my skills in graphic design! Having your own photography is a great addition to have with Photoshop skills from what I’ve heard, so to have this camera would definitely be a blessing! πŸ˜€

  57. Chanetta Sanders on said:


  58. I would love this camera, my mom Won’t spend her money unless it’s for education or the necessities like clothes, shoes, and food. So, I purchase everything myself: my blackberry, iPad, and school books have drained my funds so I am constantly buying cheap cameras and they always break and have terrible quality. I need this camera because I need to capture my memories and I’d be awesome if I could see the pictures I take lol, please I need that camera!

  59. I really want this camera to in prove my youtube channel =]

  60. OMG i need a camera so bad, Im an Electronic Media and Film major and since Im too cheap to buy a camera, Ive been doing all my projects that require a camera with my computers webcam and webcams are not the best of quality, so getting this would be a great gift.

  61. I really want to…actually have a camera. I don’t have one and I’d really love to have one. I’m a huge fan of photography and I wanna try it out. So please! give me a chance at the camera!

  62. Joan Inoa on said:

    Lights,Camera,Action! I would want this camera, because my mother and father have not been able to buy my brother and I anything for the past 3 years for Christmas, due to some hospital bills. It would mean a lot if you gave me this, because we could could all share it, and I would finally have something to capture some memories with. Peace, Love, and God Bless.

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