Click the pics below!

Day 5.5 with!!(CLOSED)


I hope you all are doing swell, make sure to check if you were a winner for Days 1-3!!

Today is the day that I review one of my favorite things besides cases…INSERT OPRAH HEYYYYYYYOOOOO MOMENT


I take it you have checked out my review, if not HUNNNY get into it!

These FIERCE lace sunglasses will be for a lucky viewer!

To enter be sure to comment on my review, be a subscriber, LIKE, and FAVORITE the video!!

Ohhh one last thing, BE A FOLLOWER OF MY BLOG!!!

Ya’ll be easy, and be sure to frequent my blog this week I have something CRAZY planned!!

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20 thoughts on “Day 5.5 with!!(CLOSED)

  1. those are cute funny

  2. Darian Johnson on said:

    Give me those sunglasses youtube name is deej21100

  3. Clarissa on said:

    those is hot let me get those please 🙂



    ooh i want those…..pleeease

  5. Taneya Hill on said:

    Love them shades

  6. these are cute! probably not my style but if I win them, they will be in my lil sister’s stocking this christmas for sure.

  7. I have a friend that would LOVE LOVE LOVE those sunglasses, and I would love to be a part of your giveaway! Love your channels!

    ❤ Jamie Darrnell from thejamiedmusic!

  8. Betty3jean on said:

    those are too cute. . hope i win!! 🙂

  9. Yasssssss! Heyooooooooo I love the glasses! Love ya Sis!

  10. Wow!! Nice to see you have posted so much in it .got to know a lot through your post as it is always nice to read your post.

  11. Jessica Brown on said:

    Those are cute shades!! I know you would pull those off better some famous ppl Missp!

  12. sherrie on said:

    Ok so Im in love with the glasses and the website.The pointy cat eyes are so hott!

  13. OMG OPRAH HEYYYYYYYOOOOO MOMENT I love those Glasses I want those Lace glasses Miss P I love them I hope I am one of your Lucky viewers

  14. I soooooo need to have these glasses…i swear that no one else in my country would have these!!! Team MissP

  15. this is some awesome shhh 😉

  16. Can you actually see through them things? lol

  17. Love Those sunglasses! May I have them? Give Them to me, Please 😉 (Youtube user, BeauGorgeousNatural)

  18. I love thoses glasses!

  19. Love those glasses so original Hope I win!

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