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Ask MissP, Go Head…Ask me :-)

Hey peoples!!! Thanks for coming over to the blog, make sure you SUBSCRIBE!! You never know what might happen 🙂 *giggles to self* I feel like Oprah ahaha giving away mess all the time. But hey, give and you shall receive, it doesn’t hurt to be nice! EVERYONE TRY IT OUT!

Go ahead and ask your question below, it could be about anything that you would like to know from me! Please list your YouTube name in your comment, so I can shout you out in a future video.

Stay tuned for new videos, like the college survival guide(the new direction shall be fabulous), relationship series(keep sending those questions), product reviews(y’all know how much I love doing these), hauls(I can’t stop buying stuff lol), and much much more!!

You all have a wonderful July 4th,

Peace, love, and all that good stuff, God Bless,


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19 thoughts on “Ask MissP, Go Head…Ask me :-)

  1. Shsy on said:

    Just curious baby girl. What does the 90 in your name mean. I was thinking it’s the year your were born but then that would make you 21 and I think you just made 29?? Now you know this is silly anitdnahS. Love ya

  2. Shsy on said:

    Omg I meant just made 20. Typo giggle

  3. My youtube is:csbaby1620 .
    How do you stay so focused and positive when it comes to College life when your feeling stress and overwhelm and worried about everything…….I ask this because long story short i made some mistakes in College in the spring of 2010, tried to fix it in fall of 2010 but is now on academic suspension and returning to school in spring of 2012 and Im just really stress and worried about everything….Money(hoping my fasfa works out ),Grades, and finding a job. I’m always depressed because I feel like i ruined my life i mean i know I’m not as bad off as other people, But I always let the negative thoughts consume me my boyfriend tells me I will be ok and not to worry because it wont help anything it will just make me miserable but i can help it
    Any Advise

    PEACE and LOVE

  4. hello doll!!

    My question to you is, how do you manage yourself when it comes to school work? As far as time management and procrastination? I used to go to college full time before i joined the Marine Corps, and its always been something i’m bad with. Do you do a to-do list? I don’t know i’m trying so hard PLUS is online now cause i’m active duty… girlll i am doing well and haven’t been late, but I will put it to the side til the last minute every time lol never fails? What are somethings you do to get you in the zone to do homework?

    thanks hun really appreciate how positive you are and everything, i can honestly have a bad day and look at one of your vids and just laugh—and thats a gift! much love hun-ty!!


    Youtube- Sassykool227
    twitter- keethakentucky

  5. Youtube – TheRenegadeStarr
    Twitter – @RenegadeStarr
    Website –

    Hey Ms.p my question is outta all the blogs and website that you’ve come across from your viewers in your opinion which are your top 3 favorite?

  6. geezsexi on said:

    Hey Miss P! My youtube name is Geezsexi. I was wondering if you gonna have a meet and greet in SC.

  7. Youtube name: MrsLiegey

    Your nails are always pretty so I wanted to know what’s your favorite nail polish color? Also, do you have any tips for those who are trying to get their own nails to grow and who want to start trying to get them done professionally?

    On another note. As of June 30th, I became unemployed and me and my husband are going to try to rock this thing the best we know how. I am trying to get more into my bible and rely on God to provide, but what are some tips to stay positive? Since I’ll be home all the time, what are some tips to stay sane and in my right mind. I’m in the process of getting into a program to get my teacher’s license so I will have some things going on, but they are online, so no need to leave the house. I’m looking forward to your tips.

    Thank you for all the positive posts and vids. You make my day every time I see you smiling.

    LiegeyGirl (Twitter), MrsLiegey (Youtube)

  8. Courtney on said:

    Hi Miss P!,

    My youtube is: MissCourtney432. I was wondering if it was difficult choosing what major you wanted to pursue when you went to college?

    Take Care!

  9. Garden Variety Apple User on said:

    (No YouTube)

    Hey-ooooooo! I was just wondering, what does the “P” stand for. I know your first name is Tara… 🙂


  10. Youtube:thereggie212
    I have a problem people are always hating and what respse should i say thx


  12. Hey , I wanted to know the status of your book, how is that going?
    youtube name: hmarjus2

  13. Ryan Tayahya on said:

    Can you please do more MUSIC ? I enjoy those track by track ones.

    Beyonce, Big Sean, Gaga, or something new that you like that we may not have heard because I’m interested in your taste in music and trying new. Much love from Los Angeles

    ya boy Youtubename:rtayahua24
    (To say Tayahua= Tie-yow-wa)

  14. Which artists that arent in the game right now do you wish would release some stuff?

  15. Just dropping you a dime to let you know I fully support what you’re doing and that I really do enjoy your videos! I have only one question for you… Were you always this awesome?

    YouTube ID: reddnmilla

  16. csbaby1620 here again I just wanted to know how much would you recommend a person save before buying a macbook (just the regular one nothing fancy)

  17. Alex Kullman on said:

    My youtube name is ALSK20
    My question is what do you like to do in your free time?
    I love your videos.

  18. Cierra on said:

    YouTube screen-name: StrawberryPa55ion
    Question 1- I too am curious as to the progress of your book. Please give an update!
    Question 2- I may be wrong, but in some of your prevous vids you said you hold conferences. Are you a speaker, and what is your speciality? I swear you be preachin’ “the real” on these videos!. Lol.


  19. Ashley on said:


    Hey Miss P. I have a question for you. This is sort of for future reference. I’m going to be a freshman this fall and I find that I can’t stop worrying about my major. My grandmother, who is my main financial supporter, is expecting me to pursue a degree in Business. While I do understand that having a Business degree can open a lot of doors for me, my heart is urging me to pursue my original choice, English. Though I know that I shouldn’t be worrying about choosing a major at this time, I want to make sure that I’m taking the right classes now so that I’m not behind when it is time for me to declare my major. I don’t know what to do. I want to study English, but I’m afraid that I will not get a stable career with it. Should I choose a major that will most likely get me a job after graduation or should I choose the one that I am most passionate about?


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