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MJ is a legend, the KANG of pop… scratch that the KANG of music. I was heart broken when he died two years ago. Not just for him, music in general, but for his children. I could tell just as good that MJ had a calm gentle spirit. It is such a shame how the world is, and how people treat others. The man only wanted to make music, and love people.

Of course you can’t change people at all, but you can nurture them. All MJ needed was some love and attention. I never blame it all on Joseph although he did contribute. This man was hurting, and all of the signals were there according to Janet. Y’all remember that interview she had…correct.

I mean this could have been stopped way ahead of time. And the doctor…let me just stop before I get heated all over again. I’m also mad at the public. You wonder why most of these artists go oversees not because of sales…BECAUSE of the support. In the US once you drop the ball it’s a wrap. It was never the same output of love with MJ after his trials, etc.

Of course I know everyone loves MJ, BUT this sudden outpour irks my nerves sometimes. Especially the ones who had all this negativity to say even days before he died. On twitter today I went back and forth with a few people expressing my opinion.

LOVE people while they are on the earth. Don’t be fake or phony, just love people, MJ said it best heal the world!

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One thought on “RIP MJ

  1. I truly agree with you on how people treat others while they are alive vs. when they are dead. I can remember when my grandmother passed and how her brothers( who wouldn’t lift a finger to help her) were damn near jumping into the casket with her. One of my uncles had to be escorted out. It’s a real shame. Hopefully one day it will all change.

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