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Okay I woke up bright and early to head to the nail salon so I can be first. Does that happen on a Saturday morning…ahhhhhhhh NOOOO! I didn’t wait too long though only about 10 minutes. I happen to get my favorite nail tech this dude gives a DOPE massage to myra’s feet(Martin reference lol)

I’m so mad they changed the pedicure chairs. The chairs they had prior to had the jets just out of control, now I get a little poosh(sound of the jet) and that’s it. I mean I could be in my personal bathtub for this. My photo tells it all…


Either way babyboy who does my feet, DOES WORK! Usually I don’t like the handheld massage thing that use, but mama has had a LONG week. I figure “whatever” I’m so glad I did it felt so good to me, although that ISH was rough.

Y’all know I saw some foolishness lol I’m glad folks do know they need their foots done but don’t wait till the battle is over! Crust is a sickness that must stop RIGHT NOW! This chick currently has on shades in this fully lit salon, TAKE THOSE OFF! Another female has the nerve to mess of the fung sheu Lang y’all know what I mean, by talking on the phone, let me rephrase barking in the phone.


Currently babyboy is massaging the HELLO out of my legs. Do it! Please tell me why these HOT as hell towels are on my legs and it is hot outdoors, I shan’t. If I have 20 degree burns Im owning this salon 🙂 Getting this tropical orange on my feet, perfect for this weather. Back to the story at hand, literally I need to get my manicure lol


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2 thoughts on “Manicure/PEDICURE

  1. gurl i need one myself…they are so relaxing to me! Have a great day!

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