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DSW Shoes Mane

I have to be dressed DOWNNNNN this upcoming week for a convention. I had the dresses, but didn’t have the shoes…I knew the exact place to go. DSW the shoe warehouse!

I love shoes that are different, yet elegant. High, but not ankle breaking, I’m not in the NBA. Quality, but not breaking my bank account. I am a certified shoe-aholic, *raises hand* please put my name down for the new meeting 🙂

I am wearing a CUTE number for a banquet, and I needed a fabulous yet simple black shoe. I was on the prowl, and next thing I know I see this Guess shoe…


Isn’t that BADDDDD, I told baby girl I need this in a 7, and you know they didn’t have my size. That’s quite alright it didn’t go with not a thing in my closet. God blocked that purchase lol She surely wrote down that number so I could look it up online. That’s a secret… if a store doesn’t have your size, get the number, and look it up on your own. You just might find them at a lower price.


I know I searched high and low for a black shoe and BAM, I found them…I didn’t take a picture, because I was too busy trying them on 🙂 don’t worry I shall blog about my outfits through the week.

On my way out I saw the cutest Coach sneakers.

20110625-054616.jpg I am obsessed with Coach sneakers! I hardly wear sneakers in the summer, so I will check back before school starts back. Coach sneakers are sooooo comfortable, and you definitely pay for what you are getting. Don’t scuff them though, you will be in a world of hurt lol

That was my DSW adventure…

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3 thoughts on “DSW Shoes Mane

  1. Those Coach Sneakers Are Bomb.Com ! ; )

  2. Diana on said:

    I have a purse and wallet with that pattern. Also I found a picture of the pattern and went to and had a “Sticker” for my iPhone made to match.

  3. I love the shoes!!!! I want to got to DSW someday!

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