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$2.00 on pump 4


Seriously…you want $2.00 on pump 4…like really? If you are on E you will still be on E. I know you all are thinking MissP you never know the dudes circumstance, here is the kicker he was dressed UP. I wanted to ask him sir where did you get those shades from? Not only was he dressed up, he had a BURNCH of snacks lined up in front of the register. O wait I am not done…he paid with a $20 bill, the total came to 12 something. Where shall you go with $2.00 on pump 4. I’m confused. This is my gas station rant…please get into it.

Why do you bring your children into the quick stop knowing good and well they want something…you know what, this shall probably turn into a gas station etiquette video, let me know if you want to see that or continue here 🙂

I was only in the gas station for about 10 minutes and the foolery huntyyyyyyy

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19 thoughts on “$2.00 on pump 4

  1. I think that should be addresses. I’ve seen some mess like that on several occasions.

  2. IMisha11 on said:

    Lol Miss P that’s crazy!! What can you do with two dollars worth of gas!! Lol silly!!

  3. Alex Kullman on said:

    Make a video on this please.

  4. He’s going to his lady’s house so she can fill up his tank.

  5. make a video please

    His tank might of almost been on full and he knew that the $2 would fill it up. Maybe he has an OCD when it comes to his gas tank


  6. Yes make this an ettict video ! i remember me & my family was takin a trip ti texas & caravaned with one other car …my goodness EVERY stop we took took bout an HOUR..just to get out gas up use the restroom & get snacks … smh

  7. Jorge527 on said:

    I’m a give him the benefit of the doubt and say maybe he was almost filled up and needed a lil “boost” to get him on F. LMAO.

  8. As a clerk at a gas station, I could give a books worth of stores….no lie. There should be a sitcom for my location :/

  9. yes please make another video.. i was rolling laughing when you were talking about the swaddled baby at wal-mart

  10. A.Giles on said:

    Maybe he was getting gas for lawn mower,or on way 2 his side chick house on wanted her 2 think he doin bad so he wouldn’t hav 2 cum out of pocket.

  11. U should’ve looked and seen did he have a gas can.

  12. Sarah on said:

    I want to see a video on it. I know it would be FUNNY!!!!

  13. He just wanted enough gas for him to get where he was going then he probley would have told someone ayee I need gas I don’t have no money… WTH and he all dressed up… SHAME

  14. I definitely want to see a video for this miss p!!! I almost always make it a point to pay with my debit card so I don’t even have to deal with the ppl inside. I had to go into the gas station one time because I hadn’t made it to the bank yet and this woman with two children about the age of 5 and 7 were standing in line BARE FOOT I was like puhlease do something with that nastiness ugh, ppl can be SO TRASHY

  15. Diana on said:

    lolololol You can’t even leave the gas station on $2.

  16. This is hilarious. People in my city do the same thing… Most of the time they just do it to “hold them over” until they get someone else to foot the bill… either way, it’s trifling.

  17. xclaimer365 on said:

    PLEASE make a Gas Station etiquette video, that would make my day!

  18. Nickki on said:

    U must make a gas station ettiqet(wateva) video cause like I used to wrk in one nd da shit I havr seen is ridiculous!!!

  19. thats just to much its not even worth two minutes of my time…”uhmm please just stop for a minute or more if you need and think about what you just said sir..”

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