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Day 20: WHO WON????

Thanks a bunch for coming over to the blog, make sure you go ahead and SUBSCRIBE!!! I’m always posting, and you have a much better chance of getting in on the giveaways!

The winners were chosen completely at random, with Once the winner was chosen, I had to make sure that person followed all instructions. If you are a winner, make sure to respond via youtube message within 3-4 days of this post. Please include in your message; what you won, and your complete address(full name, street, city, ZIP CODE). EXCEPT for Day 16(dvdripper) I just need for you to send a message so I can send you a code.

After you send me all your information, leave the rest up to me. Please do not send me follow up emails as to where your package is. You will receive your products in due time, remember I send all products out in bulk to the post office.

Enough yapping, the following folks won:

Day 16 was the WinXDVD ripper, the rules were SO simple. There were 20 winners and here they are:


Day 17 was the CaseCrown chameleon case,  the rules were comment with your twitter name, if you commented on the blog post that was extra entries.

WINNER: tacoustic3






Day 18 was the Richard Solo 16,000 mAh battery. I must say the folks over at Richard Solo are so generous, they were sponsoring this giveaway with TWO Richard Solo 1800 Backup Battery Packs, here are the winners:











Day 19 was the O So Fabulous RetroCity Sunglasses review.  I had a great time reviewing these sunglasses, there was one winner for the hot pink wayfarers. In the future I want to do a sunglasses haul, and I will give away some pairs from my personal collection 🙂

The winner of the wayfarers was: NOT SURE YET lol I just uploaded the video on Monday, I will have the winner by Sunday! Make sure to check back then.

Congratulations to all the winners. Make sure to always follow instruction lol I sound like a teacher, but it is SO TRUE. There were many people that were randomly selected that didn’t follow the rules. If you didn’t win don’t sulk or pout, (PUT THAT BOTTOM LIP IN)! Hunnnny I have so many giveaways it is ridiculous, stay tuned!! Make sure to comment on what giveaways and products you would like to see in the future.


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5 thoughts on “Day 20: WHO WON????

  1. Stephanie on said:


  2. Tori on said:

    Oh my I won but already bought the product…smh

  3. *runs in and grabs the mic* Thanks Miss P! I surely appreciate my prize!

  4. Congrats to the Winners ! : )

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