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Day 19: RetroCity Sunglasses

First and foremost special thanks to the great folks over at Retrocity sunglasses, their shades are wonderful!

Let’s get into the review…

The hot pink wayfarer shades! I enjoy these shades because of the style. Everyone rocks wayfarers, and they are so cute on anyone. These shades are $8.99 on the website, and come in a variety of colors. My next pair will be the light brown, those are darling. The shades are very light on the face. It is so hot outside there is no reason you need a mask on in the form of sunglasses. If you want a fun, simple look the wayfarers are the way to go. You are in luck if you love these, I’m actually giving these away 🙂

The Black Oversize Crystal Sunglasses. Now these are just fabulous. I love the “crystal” embellishments on the shades. The name is so correct, these are OVERSIZED, but not overly done. Nooooooo they are sold out on the website, but they are regularly $11.99. If you aren’t hung up on this color, there are two others green and brown. So Hollywood, and such an attention grabber. These are light on the face as well. If you want to be bold, fabulous, and make a statement definitely pick these up.

The Black Caray Sunglasses aka my boss Rick Ross (ughhhh) sunglasses. 🙂 No lie I feel so exclusive in these shades. These might look heavy, but they are light yet very durable. If you want one pair they are $10.99, but why not get the 3 pack(clear, black, & brown) for $26.99. Unlike the others that hardly touch the face, these cater to the face.

I enjoyed reviewing these shades due to the variety. You thought what I reviewed was cute, please head over to the website. Unisex shades are the best, better for everyone.The shipping is very fast. The customer service is wonderful, and very accommodating. Thanks for coming over to the blog, go ahead and comment to be entered into the giveaway!

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44 thoughts on “Day 19: RetroCity Sunglasses

  1. Trineeta on said:

    I would love these sunglasses because I haven’t worn sunglasses in a long time since having regular glasses. I’m finally going back to contacts and would love to style and profile like you MissP!!

  2. checked out the site and i’m loving the lace pair GOT to get me some

  3. just watched your review for the Retro City sunglasses i would love a pair i only have one for the summer n i need to step my games up i would appreciate it thanks love always ❤

  4. Can’t Wait to Read Your Blog Post on the Glasses ! : )

  5. i love the pink wayfarers on you and would love to win a pair of sunglasses….u rock and i always love to see ur video in my subscriptions (:

  6. Courtney Emon on said:

    I love The Big Funn n Exciting Shades To go With my Personality..! I am Bold and I like Bold and Colorful Sunglasses..!

  7. Donna on said:

    I would some retro sunglasses!

  8. Yas you better write that paper!! anyhoo those Pank Wayfarers were too cool. im heading over to the website too! Please enter me into the giveaway!

  9. Tatiana on said:

    LOVE all those stylish sunglasses! 🙂

  10. I want those shades!!!

  11. price42010 on said:


  12. Good luck on your paper! Those black Caray sunglasses were the bizness girl!

  13. bria on said:

    i would loveeee to have some sun glasses n the pink one was really cute..
    Youtube name- Bigswagga1
    Twitter name- geminilove01

  14. Tara Freeman on said:

    I am digging those pink shades…my favorite color also!!

  15. I would like to have those sunglasses because I have always wanted some Wayfars and they are not sold in any of my local stores. i need those!

  16. i am like super duper loving the black with the clear wayferers BUT I AM SUPREMELY IN LOVE WITH BLACK CARAYS!!!!


  18. Melanie Davis on said:

    I wanna win! I’ve been wanting some wayfarers for awhile.

  19. I loved your review.. and i really need some glasses

  20. RetroCity has been working it lately b/c I LOVE their glasses!! Especially the caray ones!!

    YT Name: MissShanese

  21. Cyrdonia0051 on said:

    honey you sold me on this blog i love the pink sunglasses and actually i had a black pair that i stole off my brother and since he found out and took them back i have been without…. so now im without any sunglasses and my behind stays in the sun so i would lone love LOVE to have those Pink Wayfarers. -God Bless

  22. hey missp if you are giving any black or white ones out i would like some because i dont have any shades! thx

  23. Aaliyah on said:

    MissP how are u doing? I’m doing well but would be much better with those shades lol I’m cluelessdramaqueen14 on YT. Toodles:)

  24. Ness H. on said:

    The Wayfarers are my fav, so simple and they go with everything! I love the prices even more!

    YT: SOLEful0ne

  25. Misha on said:

    Hey Miss P


    I would love to own those sunglasses and pink is my favorite color!

  26. I’d love some new shades to protect my eyes…it w 102 here yesterday! It’s inky going to get hotter!!

  27. Fabrianna on said:

    i love those sunglasses they are double the fierce

  28. Cora on said:

    Loving the pink wayfarer sunglasses! I would be doin big things on my New York trip with them bad boys! It’s gonna be extra sunny there!(crossing fingers) And having them would be a extra cute but great way to protect my eyeballs!… HELLO!! ..Thanx for the review miss p: )

  29. kisha on said:

    pink is my favorite color i love those glasses

  30. I like the 1st&3rd pair the best but I will rock the hott pink ones just as well (:

  31. Sondra_Latrice on said:

    Love all the RetroCity sunglasses…the oversize Crystal one look super cute on you but I’m in love with the pink Wayfarers!!!

  32. miss p once again i need to hooked up and your the girl to do the job with them glasses cmon son send those bad boys over here =]

  33. Well, I know I’m guy but I’ll still want to try my luck & win those Hot Pink Wayfarers…

    Twitter = TheAMGShow

  34. Tiffany W on said:

    All of their glasses are nice!!

  35. miss p i need some sun glasses so bad i dont have any since my cousin got into my stuff( she broke them)

  36. jewels224 on said:

    I must say the shade that you showed on youtube made me want a new pair. Plus the price was great.

  37. Rachie on said:

    i’d love to win one, i just went back to my hometown and lost mine T_T

  38. Dominique on said:

    just saw th retrocity sunglasses review and i LOVE the pink wayfarers!

  39. Sade on said:

    love the sunglasses

  40. T. Shanese on said:

    Love the review!!!

    YT Name: MissShanese

  41. Vanessa on said:

    is it too late to enter for this giveaway? I subscribe to your channel over on youtube. thanks!:)

  42. tweetysweety1996 on said:

    This sunglasses are amazingly cute! I love pink. 🙂

  43. T. Shanese on said:

    I’m not sure if it’s over yet, but here’s another entry lol….

    Love your vids!!

    YT Name: MissShanese

  44. Im in LOVE with the Wayfarers!! I have to have those pink ones ASAP! Pink is my favorite color to…..yassss! Great review, keep them coming!!

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