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Day 18: Richard Solo 16,000 mAh battery

First and foremost, big thanks to Richard solo for sending out this product free for review.


16,000 mAh(milli amps) is HUGE!! this external battery has 5 ports to charge 5 devices for up to 5 hours. That was a lot of 5’s.

I’ve been using this battery pack for about 3 weeks, and this has helped me in the crunch. With my busy schedule there are plenty moments when I forget to charge my phone, and Richard solo comes to my rescue.

It comes with a USB cord, a microUSB cord for other smart phones, and a nice pouch.

The only downside for me, it weighs down my purse 🙂

Let’s break down the charge:

iPhone charging is wonderful. If my battery is completely DEAD, it only takes 10 minutes to have my phone back to 20% and that’s a fact. It only takes 35 minutes for my phone to hit close to a full charge.

iPad charging is alright. If my battery is completely almost dead at around 10% it takes around 30 minutes to get it to 40% I figure it is slower to due to the power of the iPad device. My iPad lasts longer than my phone any day, no matter what I do. So that is completely understandable.

This battery will charge any device for up to 5 hours, once the 5 hours is up, that is it. Thanks to the adapter this battery needs only 2 hours to charge itself back up.

The price is $79.95, this is a good deal for a 5 slot machine 🙂 Head over to to see which battery is the best match for you!

Want to get in on the giveaway for the Richard solo 1800 battery pack for the iPhone/iPod touch, comment on the YouTube review, and comment here with your YouTube name for extra entries!!

Peace, love, and all that good stuff, God Bless!!

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25 thoughts on “Day 18: Richard Solo 16,000 mAh battery

  1. Hey, I need one of those Richard Solo 1800 packs! It would be a great way for me to keep my phone and my ipod charged on a bad week(cough) *ALWAYS! HAHA You did a great job of reviewing these two products!

  2. Sarah on said:

    Hey, Miss P I need that Richard Solo pack!!!! I needed it because I’m always on the go and using my phone so I need that to keep me powered. Pick me please!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    SN: My youtube name is Sarah20092013

  3. Jevan on said:

    I would love to have that products it can come in handy with me…reason being i have an ipod touch, an ipad an a ipad2 and i would love to charge all of my things at once cuz i dont have enough outlet….thanks

    youtube name: jevan2003


  4. cclaytor420 on said:

    i need this. lol

  5. This device is the answer to my prayers. At school I’m usually away from my room most of the day and my battery is usually in critical condition upon my return. Not everywhere has outlets available and in the classrooms the outlets are too far away for my comfort. With this device I can keep a decent charge on my phone and ipod touch. My ipod touch gets the most daily usage as I’m addicted to music. Great review btw.

  6. MissP, I need the Richard Solo because both my phone and my iPod end up dying before I even get off work. I am almost never at home. It would be great if I had the charger because i’d be able to charge my phone and iPod on the go!

  7. I need to win the charger b/c as you know iPhone batteries die really fast! I need it in my life…I want it i my life…lol

  8. Austin Walker on said:

    Hi Miss P!!,

    I absolutely LOVE your channel and blog.. You are so inspirational!! Iwould like to comment for the Richard Solo and also for extra entries.. My youtube name is walkerma11. Thanks for all you do!!!

    Peace, Love, and All that Good stuff, God Bless,
    Austin Walker

  9. Youtube: FranAye55
    Oh my goodness my iphone battery life is always running low.. always on twitter & watchin youtube & checking emails i really need this for on the go

  10. i so need this for my phone and ipod….HELP!!!

  11. Angie on said:

    Youtuber…I hope I win cause my iPad needs life!

  12. Angie on said:

    Ohh yeah and my YouTube name is gigi29125

  13. Hey MissP! I need this because I’m always on the go all day and half the time the car charger doesn’t really do anything for me. Plus I can’t just leave the phone in the car or sit in the car. I’m constantly checking emails, making calls and all that jazz. This would really help me out, plus I’m always out with my ipad as well. Hope you have a good day 😀 ❤

  14. Avy La`Rajj on said:

    College Freshman<— Soon to be… Definately Needs this POWER PACKK! ….i just wanted to comment here and let you know.. All of your videos impower me… id like to know what you did when you felt like just giving the college thing up? or have you ever felt that way.? idk why but Here college is less than 2 months away for me and im scared as hell…. please help me MissP 😦 SideTracked… Pretaining to the POWERHOUSE i need it baddd

  15. Misha on said:

    Hey Miss P!

    My YouTube name: Msfabulosity09

    I would love to have this portable charger because I’m a college student that’s always on the go and I use my smartphone for almost everything so the battery gets drained fast. This charger would be a lifesaver for me.

  16. lexable on said:

    youtube: lexxxxxiable
    this freaking thing is genius 🙂

  17. MsJava on said:

    I would love to have this in my possesion.

    LtClark333 (YT-Username)

  18. bria on said:

    if i could get that i would be in soooo much luck becuz i use my ipod all the time and it would be just perfect if i could just put it in mii bag and go and dnt have to worry about my battery and how much i have left.. god bless..
    Twitter name: geminilove01
    youtube name: bigswagga1

  19. Miss P, i love your nails in these photos, goes great with your skin tone. :). anyways, i really need this because my ipod is always dying and i can also use it for other things like my phone that charges with a USB. it would be very helpful. i entered the giveaway for the other richard solo’s on youtube and didnt win, so i hope i do this time! thank you miss p! 🙂

  20. i would love this because it would help me keep my iphone charged when i don’t usually have the opportunity to because of work/school.
    also, I love your blogs and youtube channels I think you are great.

    youtube: tacoustic3

  21. Corey D. on said:

    I would love this !!
    youtube: fiterq

  22. Brandi on said:

    I need this because I currently have 2 iPods and I am in the process of getting more Apple products. (iPhone and iPad)

    youtube name: candigirl2009

  23. Daria on said:


    I loved your review on this, i could use it for my ipod =]

  24. Miss p I loved tour video for this review. I would love to win this because I for some reason always find myself out and about and in desperate need of an outlet to charge something.

    My YouTube name is ItsTweetySweety

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