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WWDC 2011 Keynote Recap!

WWDC 2011 the software edition, unfortunately no new phones, but I know it is coming soon…

Here is a quick run through…Stevie Steve and his posse came out and revealed…

~OS X Lion, with over 259 new features, woah Steve you really wanted to prove something huh lol

This only works from Snow leopard to lion, can’t just use the new lion, you have to build from the previous software, which is understandable.

This lion includes a built in app store, full screen apps, notifications, air drop (which us sharing info between computers friends) aka drop box, and a new mail server. I’m excited about the new mail, because I never used Mac mail, it was so basic to me, this one looks nifty, reminding me of gmail.

Lion is available in the app store for $29.99, isn’t that nice! No more discs n such, plus no reboots. Let me go ahead and install snow leopard so I can be ready in July πŸ™‚ I know I’ve been lazy on my upgrading πŸ™‚

~IOS 5 so much better than the OS 4 in my opinion, with updates that is.

This update works on all devices, iPhones, iPad, iPod touch. So get ready everyone!

There are new notifications, very similar to the android(slipidy slide effect), I actually liked the red pop ups. I agree with others I would love to see the weather app come to life for iPhone. There are new features of sliding, and notifications which are great for gaming, phone calls, texting, etc.

New lock screen features, this is kind if nice. Apple is late with this one, if you have taken the jailbreak route before you might yawn. I’ve been jailbreak free for 7 months now πŸ™‚

Newstand feature… ehhh, twitter integration… ehhh, safari reader…that’s ok for articles etc. I saw another 3rd party app that features the same option. Reminder which is the same thing as a to do list, there is a reading list as well.

Yay!! I utilize my camera all the TIME, so I was ready! Camera button accessible on lock screen, I’m excited for that I’m always taking pics and need it on the go really fast. The volume buttons serve a purpose now πŸ™‚ Pinching to zoom is introduced, as well as red eye removal, that’s good for the flash.

Split screen key pad, that’s great due to my little fingers. It sucks because I always have to type in portrait mode. Software updates over wifi was brought up, but I thought that could be done already…*insert eye blink*

~Game center
I don’t personally use it, maybe I should…do you use it?

This is cute, because it is similar to bbm. Now I can send videos and pictures, typing in real time, I’m ready for this!

This is nice, only If you have an apple tv to mirror what you are doing on your iPhone, iPad, etc. Don’t worry if you don’t have an apple tv, just get an hdmi cable. It serves the same purpose!

This is a new boss… zee iCloud *insert French accent*
It is definitely a big storer of info, with all of your shared devices and it is free.99 I knew I didn’t get mobile me for a reason lol

It backs up everything through wifi. Photo stream made me all giggly inside. I have so many pictures, and I don’t want to use my iPad as a storage device. This will be convenient, and it keeps the photos for 30 days just enough time for me to put it on my external hard drive.

~iTunes in the cloud
Now this is what I like… you purchase a song, and BOOM it goes to all devices. I hate let me make that sound better, I ABHOR, purchasing music from iTunes, and syncing it to all my devices. Hopefully this will save so much time, and for no cost that is great, it’s about time Apple!

~ iTunes match

$25 bucks a year. Let me break down the process; you compile all of your music, and then that cloud will find the music, match it, and put it on your devices. Whoever thought of this needs an award…I have so many CDs it’s ridiculous, and they said minutes, minutessssss people!!

This update comes to you in the fall I believe.

Well I know I shall get the Lion, the cloud, and I’m so ready for July for the iOS 5.

What are you ready for, and what will you add to your apple repertoire?

Thanks for reading, peace, love, and all that good stuff, God bless!!

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One thought on “WWDC 2011 Keynote Recap!

  1. LaShay on said:

    I actually watch the Keynote and was kind of skeptical about Lion. But after watching your Youtube channel I can’t wait to get Lion. Thank you for explaining things in Layman’s Terms! Peace & Blessings!

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