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Day 17: iPhone4 Chameleon Case Crown Case & Giveaway…

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Special thanks to Case Crown for sending out this case free for review purposes. Case Crown is an awesome company that delivers high qualities cases.

The iphone4 Chameleon Case comes in three colors, purple, blue, and green, with a brown hint.


I received the purple and brown, on the website it looks as though the case has a rough feel, but it is a smooth metallic. Wonderful design, with the ridges for a good grip.

All of the buttons of the iPhone are accessible, such as the sleep/awake, volume rocker, and the dock port. The cut outs are right on with this case.

Case Crown includes a screen protector, and a cleaning cloth.


Unfortunately this case has a plastic look up close, on the sides.

The price is a little steep for this case of $32.95.

This is a nice case, I have used it and enjoyed it for the past two weeks. You can also find this case here

If you would like to get extra entries on this case, make sure to comment below with your youtube name, as well as what color you like in the chameleon case!!

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12 thoughts on “Day 17: iPhone4 Chameleon Case Crown Case & Giveaway…

  1. youtube name: hmarjus2… question: did you have any issues with the bottom part of the case slipping or falling off? thanx

  2. Felicia on said:

    youtube name is: flyymomma1

  3. Tori on said:

    I’m not interested because I don’t have an iPhone just wanted to share I enjoy your blog.

  4. Mary Grace on said:

    My name on Youtube is Jewellss101, I love your videos ! HEY OOOOOOO lol

  5. These cases are so nice! I’m getting an iPhone wednesday! my youtube is tacoustic3

  6. Terrance on said:

    inspirfashionstu – YT

  7. Terri on said:

    Nice review MissP youtube name kojima614

  8. always enjoy your reviews youtube: dwizz08

  9. Marcelle on said:

    YT- OneVirtuousWoman

  10. Youtube Username: Franaye55
    OH MISS P i LOVE your case reviews!!!!
    i like the brown one ๐Ÿ˜€ โค

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