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Very Berry Protein Shake

Today I made a protein shake, and mind you it has been EONS…I felt a little rusty but it came out really good.

Here is the recipe!

1 scoop of Vanilla Whey Powder
15 blueberries
6 raspberries
3 strawberries
16 ounces soy milk
1/2 cup fruit juice (I used the v8 and the cranberry)
1/2 cup ice cubes
Honey for taste

Of course these fruits are optional, the more the merrier. Having a shake will definitely get you your fruit intake. Sometimes I use these protein shakes as a meal replacement, just depends on my mood.

If you would like a thicker shake use more ice, and don’t blend the ingredients to a pulp. Want a thinner shake use more juice, less ice.

Do you have a shake that you enjoy, and it tastes really good…list is below. Your response will be in an upcoming video. Peace, love, and all that good stuff, God Bless Off to do Day 3 of p90x!!

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9 thoughts on “Very Berry Protein Shake

  1. Sallie on said:

    I’ve had bad experiences with protein powder. Honestly how does this one taste? Is there a weird after taste?

  2. Girl I use the same protein powder but the strawberry kind. I wish I would have gotten the vanilla for more diversity though. I also use my smoothies as meal replacements depending on what kind of mood I am in. Im going to have to try this recipe. Here is a link to the smoothie I usually make!

  3. Joanna on said:

    What kind of blender did you use, it was really cute…. also your recipe seems like one I would love to try. I usually freeze my bananas and some strawberries and mixed berries and use almond milk with vanilla whey. Ive also tried frozen cherries with chocolate (talk about dessert chile….whooo hooo…LOL)

  4. Ethan on said:

    I just have to say, I feel like a creeper because I haven’t actually attempted to contact you before, but I watch pretty much all of your videos, follow you on twitter,and errthang. I think I stumbled on to one of your BGC reviews and fell in love with your personality. You really should look in to a talk show or something off in the very distant future, once you have the time to pursuit it. It’s people like you that give me a hope for humanity. Yes, that sounds lame and cliche, whatever. You’re absolutely hilarious and I hope you keep this going for as long as you can. A lot of your videos talk about not worryin’ ’bout people and I’ve recently started doing just that. I can’t remember when I was this happy and focused. So, thank you for that.

    Great job on your WLJ, you’re looking healthier every video. I recently started working out again, too. Again, thanks for the motivation. I used to be a gymnast, but I quit years ago and your videos have given me the realization that I can’t be lettin’ all of that hard work go to McDonald’s and flab. No thank you.

    I’ve been showing some of your inspirational videos to my friends and they completely agree with all the things you’re saying. Tendin’ to the garden and alla dat. Haha!

    Anyway, now I won’t feel like a weirdo when I watch your videos and read your blogs. I just am not the kinda person that can creep on your life and not feel weird about it. Thanks for sharing all that you share, it really helps.


    P.s. That white guy (Will?) that makes cameo appearances in your videos, mmmhuh. Better keep him around, because… A+.

  5. Stephffany a.k.a 1FATALSTAR on said:

    MissP I dont like or drink any kind of milk is it possible to make this shake without the Milk?

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