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Be Patient!

Do you ever have a feeling something is about to happen, but you are not quite sure what it is?

That is exactly how I felt today. Sometimes you have the tendency to worry about things that are completely out of your control. I do it all the time, can’t help it.


I was worried about financial things as well as plans for the month. The craziest thing happened, well it’s not crazy, it’s just crazy how God works! He already had it under control.

I received a message that was such a relief. It’s funny how an email, phone call, or other confirmation can ease your fears.

Lately I don’t worry about things, because I know it is definitely out of my control. You definitely can’t pray and worry, it cancels each other out!

So be thankful for your blessings whether they are big or small. You never know when your blessing is on the way!

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3 thoughts on “Be Patient!

  1. Thykness on said:

    The message in this post is so on point! Thanks for sharing—I needed to read this on so many levels. Time to let go and let GOD xoxo

  2. so true about not praying and worrying about stuff. That is so true. It will not work at all. I just let God do the work. :)….thx for the post.

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