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Raspberry Absolut Nite…


In the words of Kevin Hart “hello” lol if you haven’t seen seriously funny, it’s seriously funny.

In the sprit of commencement, I had a couple of spirits last night. I tell you raspberry absolut is something nice. Shoutout to Tripps restaurant and my wonderful waitress for the free drinks since we were the last ones for the night.

This beverage was what you call awesome; raspberry mix, absolut vodka, grenadine, and sprite. It was just…cue Monica “everything to me.”

If you have any great drink recipes whether it’s alcoholic or not, include it below.

In the word of all liquor commercials, please drink responsibly 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Raspberry Absolut Nite…

  1. Bailey’s Irish Cream™ with Malibu™ coconut rum and a lil bit of milk….yumm-O!

  2. khalua and milk

    parrot bay pineapple rum and orange juice perferably pineapple orange juice

    lol but i prefer hennessy and coke or jack and coke

  3. frozen pink lemonade, vodka, ice & a blender = heaven lol

  4. Home-Made Strawberry Frappuccino. Milk, Coconut Oil, Sugar, Vanilla, Strawberries, and Ice! Yum!!

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