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Hush Boo!


I was perusing twitter as usual and Mr. Ed Lover posted something that sparked my fingers to type. “If you would be quiet and listen, people would reveal who they really are.”

Let the choir sangggggg, he is telling the truth! If you are doing all the talking, there is no way you are listening.

Sometimes I have to tell my own self, shut up Tara and listen. By that time it is too late, you need to stop yourself ahead of time.

If someone is going through, let them speak, more or less they will solve their own problem they just need you to be that shoulder. If they don’t solve the problem THINK before you give advise. If you don’t know just say “I don’t know baby.”

If someone is lying or trying to explain themselves, don’t worry they will give themselves away, you just need to LISTEN!

If you are trying to figure out a persons character you must watch and listen, point blank! Don’t meddle and be a private investigator everything will come out eventually. (This is not criminal minds shug.)

Now I’m not trying to tell you to be a mouse, but at least try to listen more than you speak at certain times. CMONSON!

In your comment, let me know if you like these types of posts, as well as do you speak more than you listen?

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2 thoughts on “Hush Boo!

  1. Hi this is @Joyful_Delight I wanted to say I loved this post it made me realize how sometimes I listen more than I talk I’m quiet in real life but on Twitter I tweet and comment often I do have a big opinion at times but I tend to also be the advice giver and shoulder to cry on but being a good listener I guess that comes with the territory. I’ve always been on the quiet side but now I talk more.

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